Octopath Traveler 2 Mother Boss Guide

Mother is an evil boss encountered in Throne’s Octopath Traveler 2 storyline. She can be found in her orphanage, the ‘Mother’s Garden’, situated south of Wellgrove.

Claiming to run an orphanage, this malignant lady runs an academy to train assassins and thieves. Confronting her about this will initiate the boss fight.

During the Octopath Traveler 2 Mother boss fight, Throne will discover a dark truth. Mother will tell her that Throne’s birthmother used to be the boss of the Blacksnakes but Mother betrayed her and had her killed.

She does not come alone to the boss fight so it is essential for you to know about her weaknesses. This guide is written for the sole purpose of assisting players with Mother’s special attacks and fighting strategies but before getting into that you need to venture to her lair.   

Mother location

While playing through Throne’s Storyline, you will come across Mother boss in Chapter 3 of Mother’s Route.

In the previous chapter, you will be collecting intel about Mother’s whereabouts. In Chapter 3, you will head towards “Mother’s Garden”, a place claimed to be an orphanage. There, you will confront Mother about the orphanage which is actually an academy for thieves and assassins.

Mother weaknesses

To inflict great physical damage to Mother you can utilize Dagger and Bow. These weapons will wreak massive destruction upon Mother.

Considering the elements, Mother is vulnerable to Ice and Light. Stick to these elements to exploit her vulnerabilities.

Mother’s Aide is vulnerable to Sword and Staff. You can also use Lightning and Fire elemental attacks to take down Mother’s Aide.  

Mother special attacks

Before commencing a fight with Mother, you must know all about Mother’s special attacks and strategies. Mother does not have many attacks but she still proves to be tough and hardy on the battlefield.

Her primary weapon is her whip and she uses it in all her special attacks.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Pliant WhipA normal Physical Attack
Whip of TerrorA Physical attack that causes a great deal of damage
Double LashingA Physical attack in which Mother lashes her whip twice and causes 500 damage
You really want Mother’s whip, don’t you?An attack that increases Mother’s shield points
Mother knows bestTerrorizes one person from your team

How to defeat Mother in Octopath Traveler 2

Mother comes to fight along with her Aide. The first thing you need to do while fighting Mother is to get her henchman out of the way. You can use Sword and Staff Attacks to get rid of him first.

For elemental damage, use spells rooted in Fire and Lighting. Mother’s lackey only has 4 Shield Points so he won’t put up much of a fight before he is forced to give up.

After getting the aide out of the way, direct all your abilities to the boss. Mother has a total of 21000 HP. When the fight commences, she has 6 Sheild Points but she has the ability to increase these using her special attacks.

Use Dagger-based attacks such as Aggressive Slash and Axe-based attacks such as Precise Shot to deal immense damage.  

For Elemental Damage, you can use Ochette’s Snow Yak which brings an Ice Storm. Her ‘Repeated Phantom Slash’ will also come in handy throughout the fight. You can also make Throne or Osvald use their ‘Ice Wind’ in this Octopath Traveler 2 boss fight.

Best party for Mother

The best party setup for Octopath Traveler 2 Mother boss fight is Throne, Osvald, Ochette, and Temenos.

Osvald is a reliable ally because he can use 3 types of elemental attacks on the foe. He can also ‘Analyze’ the foe.

Temenos synergizes greatly with Throne and has strong damage mitigation skills. He can also heal all the allies.

Ochette and Hikari are both noteworthy Physical Attackers. Having them on your team will increase your chances of winning multiple-fold.

What else to bring to the fight?

Before engaging in a fight with Mother, you need to have the ‘Herb of Valor’. This item will cure the ‘Terror’ caused by the ‘Mother knows best’ attack. This item can be bought from various shops for 30 leaves.

You can also bring the “Healing Grape” which will help you if any of your ally’s HP goes drastically low.

After defeating Mother and her aide, you will be rewarded with the following

  • Refreshing jam
  • Overkill and Break Bonuses
  • 4400 Leaves
  • 960 EXP
  • 330 JP