Octopath Traveler 2 La’mani Boss Guide

The La’mani boss fight is relatively easy, so you won’t need many items to bring to this fight except healing items in Octopath Traveler 2.

In Octopath Traveler 2, La’mani is a boss that you encounter while playing  Agnea‘s Chapter 2. In this chapter, Agnea explores the magnificent town of New Delsta.

You will start a fight with this boss not long through this chapter, on a backstage that works as a dungeon. La’mani is a giant guy with long blonde hair that attacks you with his “songs”.

Moreover, he can also summon a couple of Minions to help him throughout the fight. Although this fight will be a long one, it won’t be that hard if you show up with a strategy in mind. Before we start working on the strategy, you must first locate La’mani and bring the fight to him.

La’mani location

In the early stages of the story, you will be tasked by Gil in the Backstreets of New Delsta to find a few members of his crew. After grabbing two members and stealing the popularity of La’mani’s show, he will be infuriated.

After that, you will be able to explore the Backstage of the theatre. You can go down a couple of staircases from here and navigate to the center of the stage with large red curtains to start a fight with La’mani.

La’mani weaknesses

To deal the most amount of damage you can in a single turn, you must target Octopath Traveler 2 La’mani’s weaknesses. This boss has only two physical weaknesses, which include Spears and Daggers.

As for La’mani’s elemental weaknesses, there are three – Fire, Ice, and Darkness. You have a lot of freedom with your party since these elements are very common.

To make the most out of these weaknesses, you can target both the physical and the Elemental weaknesses of this boss depending on the BP and SP at your disposal.

How to defeat La’mani in Octopath Traveler 2

The Octopath Traveler 2 La’mani boss is one of the easier bosses to defeat in the game. He will take cover behind his Minions for most of the fight, as he doesn’t have much strength of his own.

The boss has a total of 4 Shield Points, which can be broken fairly easily. The problem is that some of his weaknesses will be locked depending on what type of minions he deploys.

There are two types of these minions – Troupe Dancers and Troupe Musicians. The former is weak against weapon attacks while the latter is against elemental attacks.

Your primary goal will be to finish off La’mani’s minions before you turn your attention to him. He deploys the Troupe Dancers first, which you can easily get rid of with basic weapon attacks.

You have a bit of leverage in the fight if you keep the Dancers alive though. This is true in case you don’t have any elemental attacks at your disposal. His elemental weaknesses will be locked at this point, and you can continue exploiting his physical weaknesses for a break.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of elemental attacks on hand, it is better to get rid of the Troupe Dancers as soon as you can use them freely. If you plan to keep them alive though, you can break them and turn your focus to La’mani for the time being.

Regardless, you must always keep Boosts available for a break whenever you need one. You can dedicate a particular character to attacking La’mani to break him before he can charge up his Ultimate Attack. A character that can target his weaknesses will be best suited for this case.

In case you are unable to do that, always make sure to heal your party up so they can withstand La’mani’s ultimate attack, which deals heavy damage to all party members.

All in all, you must manage your SP, HP, and BP effectively and balance out offense and defense – focusing on getting rid of the Minions first. Once all the minions are dealt with, La’mani is pretty much left defenseless, and it’s a piece of cake at that point.

Best party for La’mani

Since you encounter this boss in Agnea’s story, she is surely well suited to fight against this boss. One of her special attacks called the Ruinous Kick is especially effective in this fight as it deals ridiculous amounts of damage to La’mani even when all his weaknesses are locked.

Throne and Partitio are also good characters to have in this fight because they can target most of La’mani’s weaknesses. Throne can use Darkness and Daggers, accounting for one physical and one elemental weakness. Partitio can use a Spear, targeting the other physical weakness.

A healer is a must-have in this fight, and Temenos can do that job just fine. Temenos can heal your party members up whenever you most require it – especially before La’mani’s ultimate attack.

What else to bring to the fight?

The La’mani boss fight is relatively easy, so you won’t need many items to bring to this fight except healing items – especially if you don’t have a healer in your party.

In that case, you can bring along a few Healing Grape Bunch which you can use to restore your party’s HP.

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