Octopath Traveler 2 Garnet Boss Guide

Garnet is the hound of Roque and the final boss you will face during Partitio's storyline in Octopath Traveler 2.

Garnet is the hound of Roque and the final boss you will face during Partitio’s storyline in Octopath Traveler 2. It is released by Threston to fight against Partitio when Threston and Partitio argued over the Steam engine being used for everyone.

Garnet is a difficult boss to defeat because of its ability to take three simultaneous turns and destroy your party. It will take tons of buff and deal a lot of damage, especially in its final times.

We will now look into where you can find Garnet, what it’s weak against, what are its special attacks and how to defeat it in Octopath Traveler 2.

Garnet location

Garnet, unlike the previous boss Giff, is not present beforehand in the place but it is released by Threston. It is found in the Roque Company Factory, located in Brightlands. This factory is in the southeastern part of the city.

Garnet weaknesses

Garnet has both physical and elemental weaknesses. You can use Polearms, Axes, Fire, and Lightning attacks to do increased damage, which is important because you want this boss fight to finish as soon as possible.

Garnet also digs which gives buff to it and debuff to you but sometimes Garnet will spawn a Mysterious Bones. These Bones will act as the henchman of Garnet and will attack you. It is weak against Swords, Axe, Bow, and Light.

Garnet special attacks

Garnet has an incredibly annoying special attack that only makes the boss fight more challenging. His digging attack will either yield a buff for itself, debuff your characters, summon Mysterious Bones, or yields nothing.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
BiteDeals melee damage to one character
ScratchDeals melee damage to all characters
Garnet digsGarnet digs in the ground and may find a firestone that deals fire damage to all characters or finds a nut that gives Garnet stats buff for five turns or summons two Mysterious Bones to aid in the fight or may find nothing.
Gnaw BoneRestores Garnet’s health by feasting on the Mysterious Bones.
Mark PreyGarnet marks the target and will use Nibble to deal heavy HP and SP damage unless it is not broken.
HowlRemoves debuffs and buffs Garnet’s attacks
IntimidateDebuffs attack the power of all characters
RampageDeals moderate to heavy damage to five random characters
Shred to PiecesSame as nibble but Garnet will not mark anyone
Garnet runs wildIncreases the number of turns to 3 for Garnet

How to defeat Garnet in Octopath Traveler 2

Garnet is a fierce opponent which deals a lot of physical damage, so try to keep as many defenses as possible, especially for physical attacks.

The whole fight has only physical attacks, so having a high defense is going to make this boss fight more manageable in Octopath Traveler 2.

In the beginning of the fight, Garnet will play around and dig for various items. It may be a firestone to damage your team or Mysterious Stones. Garnet also has 8 shields and will be stunned if they break.

Try to keep Garnet in the stunned position as much as possible because it will save your team from Garnet’s powerful blows. Also, in the battle try to defeat the Mysterious Stones as soon as possible.

If you have Ochette on your team, the Leghold Trap will be a great help in the battle because it will move Garnet’s turn further and give you more chance in destroying the shields and then damage it.

You can also use the Hired Help skill of Partitio because this skill will give defenses to all members of the team but do less damage to Garnet. You can also use the latent powers of all of the characters to effectively deal more damage in a single turn.

When you have destroyed Garnet’s Shields multiple times it will run wild. Now here is where you would want the fight to be over quickly before it starts attacking you. In this mode, Garnet will unlock Howl, intimidate, Rampage, and Shred to pieces.

Best party for Garnet

Garnet is a difficult boss so careful planning of the team is important for the fight. In the fight, you will have Partitio by default but with him, you can also have Ochette. She can use the Leghold Trap to move Garnet turns back and give you some more moves to break its shields.

In the team, you can also have Temenos. He is here only to provide healing for all your characters which is critical in the battle due to the heavy blows by the Garnet. Lastly, Hikari can also be used to deal as much damage to Garnet as possible.

What else to bring in the fight?

As this fight is mostly physical, keep as much health as possible. Other than that there is not much you need in this fight against Garnet in Octopath Traveler 2.

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