Obsidian Working On Unknown Next-Gen AAA RPG

With The Outer Worlds done and dusted, Obsidian Entertainment is switching gears to move onto a triple-a role-playing game for next-generation platforms. The unannounced project was already known to be in the works but now, an indirect confirmation has arrived alongside some minor details.

Earlier today, Obsidian Entertainment updated its careers website to open over two dozen job listings across the board. Many of the senior positions mention an unknown next-generation role-playing game that will feature both melee and ranged combat, as well as “exceptional” gunplay, in first-person perspective. Multiplayer elements have also been mentioned and in traditional Obsidian Entertainment fashion, the upcoming triple-a project will have voiced characters and branching dialogues to make a “fun” narrative.

In regards to the destined platforms, the developer has cited next-generation consoles and PC. That can perhaps be taken as an indication that Microsoft will not be trying for an Xbox Series X exclusivity. The company has been touting accessibility over exclusivity for the next generation, and even The Outer Worlds landed on PlayStation 4 and will so on Nintendo Switch. Hence, whatever Obsidian Entertainment is working on will possibly release for PlayStation 5.

Take note that Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on Grounded, an adorable survival game set for spring. The developer is also working to bring The Outer Worlds to Steam and Nintendo Switch, which remains on a temporary hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition, Obsidian Entertainment will probably want to return with a sequel to The Outer Worlds in the future. That being said, the aforementioned triple-a role-playing offering is something completely new and not to be confused with another The Outer Worlds installment. Development looks to be in the early stages, meaning that a release should not be expected anytime soon.

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