Obsidian Entertainment Is Working on a New Xbox Exclusive

According to a recent job listing, Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a Lead Narrative designer for a next great "multi-platform RPG.”

The release date for Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is almost here but according to a new job posting, it seems Obsidian Entertainment is already working on a new role-playing game project. It seems the studio has moved part of its team to a different project.

According to a recent job listing posted on Obsidian Entertainment’s website, the studio is looking for a Lead Narrative designer “to join the development team making our next great multi-platform RPG.”

Obsidian Entertainment goes on to say in the job post that the Lead Narrative Designer will be charged with “Working with the Game Director and Design Director to develop the plot and major story points based on the overall game direction.”

In addition to this, the Lead Narrative Designer will also have to write “some portion of dialogue and additional game text to have a basic understanding of the game’s pipelines and to help establish expectations for the other Narrative Designers.”

As revealed by Kate Dollarhyde, supposedly, this job position is for a new Obsidian Entertainment studio that has opened in Irvine, California.

This is interesting because Kate Dollarhyde’s LinkedIn profile shows she is currently working as a Narrative Lead on an unannounced project at Obsidian Entertainment. This is also confirmed by her Twitter which shows “Lead Narrative Designer @Obsidian, working on [redacted]”.

The narrative is usually one of the first things studios work on during the development cycle. If Obsidian Entertainment has just started hiring Lead Narrative Designers, it can be speculated that the game is still in its early phases of development.

Right now, not much is known about Obsidian Entertainments upcoming game project. All we know is that Obsidian is working on it for several months at this point and is an RPG with branching dialogue trees.

It seems most of Obsidian Entertainment’s focus is towards The Outer Worlds. Just quite recently, it was revealed that The Outer Worlds will have a max difficulty level called the Supernova.  The Outer Worlds is an upcoming role-playing game with an October 25th, 2019 release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.