Norman Reedus And Mads Mikkelsen Working On Death Stranding Motion Capture

Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen are now working on Death Stranding motion capture, showing that the game has moved into another phase after years of no real confirmed progress.

We’ve gotten another update about the development of Death Stranding, and it appears that Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus, who play two of the game’s apparent main characters, are currently working on Death Stranding motion capture. Mikkelsen, Reedus, and Hideo Kojima have all appeared in a new brace of production photos.

We’ve seen a number of very nice-looking trailers over the years since Death Stranding was announced, but until the trailer that was shown off at The Game Awards last year we haven’t seen anything that could truly be qualified as a cutscene, and even then that trailer was just that; a trailer.

Reedus and Mikkelsen working on Death Stranding motion capture could point to the game finally getting into the meat of its development, as the actors in the game now have to use motion capture to act out the scenes and motions that they’ll be performing in the actual game.

This likely means that Death Stranding has completed the writing process and can move on to the gameplay section alongside the motion capture. Death Stranding is supposed to apparently be coming out sometime before 2020 (likely in 2019) by word of Kojima himself, but we still don’t have a release date for it.

We’ll likely have a release date for the game at this year’s E3, or at the Game Awards show in December, but hopefully we’ll at least be getting a release date sometime this year, along with at least some sort of idea of what the plot is.

The marketing for the game has been very obtuse, with each trailer only confusing everyone more. The Game Awards 2017 trailer actually gave us something of a plot, with giant monsters that are apparently terrorizing humanity, but we still have no idea of what’s happening.

Hopefully the Death Stranding motion capture ends up being quickly completed so that we can get to the game even faster.

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