New Death Stranding Announcement Might Come After Walking Dead Finale

A rumor has started going around that a new Death Stranding announcement is possibly coming after the season finale of The Walking Dead, which is airing on April 15. If it’s true, we’ll be getting a new Death Stranding announcement outside of a major gaming event, which has never happened before.

While fans of Hideo Kojima and those who have been interested in Death Stranding have always anxiously waited for updates, this is the first time we would be getting any new information or trailers out of it outside of a major gaming event.

New Death Stranding trailers have come from either E3 presentations during the summer or from the Game Awards presentations at the end of the year, and we still know essentially nothing about the game beyond what people can guess. But even if the new Death Stranding announcement rumor is true, there’s no telling what we might get.

It would, however, be fitting. Death Stranding stars Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead and was supposed to play the central character in Silent Hills before Konami cancelled it, might be the bridge between the show and the game.

A new Death Stranding announcement would be good not just for Death Stranding itself, but also for The Walking Dead. This season has apparently been rather unpopular among many fans due to a variety of narrative choices, including the fact that Rick’s son Carl, a long-popular (and quite memetic) character, has been bitten by a walker, meaning he could turn into a zombie at any moment.

Either way, if the new Death Stranding announcement leads to at least some sort of ratings boost for The Walking Dead, that will be a good thing for the series, even if it’s eclipsed among most of its viewers by excitement for Death Stranding.

All the same, this is all just a rumor, and for all we know we’re just getting our legs pulled. We’ll just have to see.