Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Release Date Revealed By Nintendo: January 18, 2019

January 18 of 2019 is going to be a good day for a lot of Suda51 fans, as Nintendo has finally taken to Twitter to reveal the Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes release date. The game will be coming out then exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, after previously being delayed from a 2018 release.

The plot of the game will center around everyone’s favorite otaku assassin Travis Touchdown as he’s sucked into a video game console and now has to fight his way out. The game will also allow for multiplayer co-op, so you can get another player into the game alongside you in order to help you out in battle.

Travis Strikes Again is the third No More Heroes game, and the third one to be on a Nintendo console after the last two have also been on the Wii. With its JoyCon controller setup the game is perfect for the Switch too, in contrast to the Wii U, which didn’t have any sort of motion control that would be good for the type of gameplay that No More Heroes normally goes for.

In No More Heroes, you often have to make use of motion controls to swing and recharge your sword. With the Wiimote and the JoyCons that were on the original Wii and the Switch you could do this, so Nintendo consoles are likely the best to truly be able to play the No More Heroes games how they were originally intended.

The game was originally slated to be coming out sometime in 2018, but for reasons that we don’t know quite yet the game has been delayed to January of 2019, but thankfully that’s not that much farther away, if you can afford to wait around four or five months.

But once again, the Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes release date is on January 18 of next year, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.