Here Are The Best 3rd Party Nintendo Direct Announcements For The Switch

Nintendo has held a pretty awesome Nintendo Direct yesterday, announcing titles to last us the whole year on Nintendo Switch. While first-party titles like Kirby Star Allies, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Tennis Aces were the stars of the show, we’ve seen several noticeable third party titles that are worth grabbing when they release.

Apart from Square Enix’s awaited Octopath Traveler, the Dark Souls Remaster, and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, which all got showcased during Nintendo Direct, the company held many more surprises regarding new third-party titles for Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look at what we are excited about:

Okami HD

The remaster of the 2006 Capcom title is coming to the Switch this summer offering some cool features. Other than exploring its world with Amaterasu, you’ll be able to control the Celestial Brush with the touch screen in handheld mode and the Joy-Con motion feature on TV/tabletop modes. Nintendo announced that the game will launch on a digital-only version during summer 2018.


One of the most famous indie titles, the simple yet intriguing Undertale is heading to the console this year. No further information has been given but knowing that we’ll have the chance to experience it again in handheld mode is one thing to be looking forward to.

Little Nightmares

The horror puzzler that won our hearts last year is finally coming to the Switch on May 18 including all past DLC  as well as a special mask you can unlock by scanning in the Pac-Man Amiibo.

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy

That’s a huge one. Not only because Crash Bandicoot is one of our most iconic childhood heroes but because the game is finally leaving its PlayStation 4 exclusivity behind. The games included in the trilogy are first seen on a Nintendo console now, even though the next ones in the franchise were multi-platform. The trilogy releases on July 10th.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

All South Park characters are coming back for one more performance on Nintendo Switch on April 24th, making its release the most recent one. All DLC will be also available, however, you’ll have to buy them this time. You can grab them individually or in a bundle.

Are you excited about those games coming to Nintendo Switch? Which ones will you be grabbing?

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