No Man’s Sky Switch Port May Be Coming Soon, Says GameStop Trade Listing

While we didn’t see anything about it at E3 2019, there’s a rumor starting to go around that we’ll be getting a No Man’s Sky Switch port at some point in the future. The rumor comes from a GameStop trade listing, specifically one from GameStop’s Swedish branch. But is it true?

No Man’s Sky has had a rather checkered history, coming out in 2016 after years of hype only to rapidly become a massive disappointment due to the galaxy feeling very empty, with no multiplayer, very few alien species, and essentially none of the promised features.

However, after years of work, developer Hello Games has managed to save the game, adding in more and more new content with each subsequent patch in the past few years and actually making the game fun to play. The game’s player numbers have also risen.

The possibility of a No Man’s Sky Switch port is plausible, at least in the possibility that Hello Games now feels confident enough in the game to start branching out onto other consoles. However, Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation passed with no news.

While we did get a number of big announcements, such as various Switch ports of other RPGs, new games, and more, there was nothing about No Man’s Sky, which puts the rumor in doubt. While leaks and rumors have been wrong before, there’s no telling if this one is wrong yet.

Not porting No Man’s Sky to the Switch isn’t that big of a blow: Hello Games already has the game on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, VR, and PC. Of course, whether it’s worth a No Man’s Sky Switch port also depends on how successful the game is likely to be there.

While the Switch does have a large number of third-party games on it, we’ll just have to see if the rumor is made into reality at some point in the future. Otherwise, you can play No Man’s Sky on any of its current platforms. No Man’s Sky is also coming out with a summer update soon.