Hello Games Announces No Man’s Sky Beyond, Huge Update Coming Summer 2019

Hello Games is announcing No Man's Sky Beyond, a huge update that will be coming this summer and will finally give the game multiplayer.

Hello Games has made a big announcement in regards to upcoming content for their space exploration game No Man’s Sky. Coming summer 2019, the game would be getting upgraded to No Man’s Sky Beyond, which will include a huge number of changes, and will consist of three large components in all.

No Man’s Sky first released back in 2016 after years of hype at various E3s, only to face a severe backlash as players realized that a lot of the game’s promised features were nowhere to be found, such as multiplayer, roving fleets, space battles, and more. The huge backlash that resulted caused Hello Games to drop off the map for months, with many believing that they’d taken the money and run.

However, in the past few years, Hello Games has come back with a vengeance, repeatedly updating the game to make it the vision that they’d released. The update will be the latest piece of this, and will have a number of big changes, though so far we only know one of the three components it will consist of.

That component is No Man’s Sky Online, one of the game’s biggest and most-demanded features. No Man’s Sky Online will finally bring multiplayer and social spaces to the game, allowing players to find and interact with one another in the vast universe that they explore. However, despite the name, No Man’s Sky Online will not be an MMO. It won’t have a subscription or microtransactions, and it will be free for all players.

So far Hello Games hasn’t revealed to us the other two components that the update will consist of but hopefully they’ll be announcing the other ones soon, and will be releasing the update soon after that. No Man’s Sky is available to play on Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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