Nioh Tachibana Muneshige Boss Guide

In our Nioh Tachibana Muneshige Boss Fight Guide we will walk you though all the ins and outs of this boss fight. We will help you learn all of Tachibana Muneshige weaknesses and his move sets, and as a bonus help you defeat him without incurring much damage yourself.

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Nioh Tachibana Muneshige Boss

Tachibana Muneshige is a human general under the Toyotomi clan. In Nioh the player faces him twice during their story campaign progression, and each time Tachibana is a fearsome opponent who take no mercy on the player.

How to Cheese Tachibana Muneshige
The first thing that you need to know is that the technique can be used for both ‘The Spirits Slumbers’ and ‘An Invitation from the Warrior of the West’ appearances.

To begin, you need to have a few items and skills. These include a spear, Entangle skill, and Sacred Water. Before you start off the fight, you need to use the Sacred Water so that you don’t run out of Ki in the middle of a battle.

After the fight starts, try to block or dodge until you find an opportunity. As soon as you see him stop, immediately press L1 + Triangle for a sweeping attack that forces him to the ground.

As he’s on the ground, press Triangle once again to land a critical strike.

Following this, press L1 + Triangle again in order to stun-lock him and continue hitting him using Triangle. Just keep an eye out on your Ki meter and you should be able to defeat him in about no time.

How to Defeat Tachibana Muneshige
In the main mission he is weaker compared to previous encounter. He has many katana moves, most extraordinarily the Iai style which is of hooking up his sword with a dominant blow.

Though with the help of high defense and guard the strike can be blocked with Ki to unused which allows you to counter.

Your main focus should be on withdrawing his Ki while handling yours.

Other than Iai move, he also masters rapid strikes, and a strong move by rotating his sword in a stretched circle.

Try maintaining the distance when he is all pumped up otherwise, he will end up doing more damage than you can tank in one go.

In case he runs back to pull out his triple-shot bow, block the blows and hit up with your own if you wish.

The time you encounter him again in the Sub Mission 6 which is Invitation from the Warrior of the West, things will be more difficult this time.

Unlike his previous strikes, this time his blade will be fused with lightning which means his Iai strikes will inflict damage even if you try blocking.

His other Iai technique includes series of intense fast slashing which can deal big damage but because of his shorter range allows you to remain at the edge till his final slash before you step ahead and fight in return.

In case you are having problem, try to use guarded strikes against his regular attacks for example Axe’s charging skill which will allow you to defense when trying to go in attacking phase.

Press the attack button at that time when you feel you can drain his Ki, otherwise hold and wait for the perfect time.

You can use a spear in mid position and heavy attacks in case if you have one. This will decrease his KI in big amount.

Dodge whenever he attacks and try doing this till his KI lowers. The time his KI is less than 30%, strike with heavy spear mid posture attacks.

This will rapidly end his remaining KI and will bring him down. Land ground attacks him at this time several times and he will be dead.

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