Nioh Review Copies Being Sent Out, File Size Weighs in at 40GB

We now have details on the file size of Koei Tecmo’s upcoming action-RPG Nioh.

The publisher has begun handing out review copies of the game, giving reviewers ample time to play through the game and publish their reviews.

Nioh File Size Revealed

Moreover, the publications will also be able to stream the game as soon as the game’s embargo lifts which is planned to happen on Feb. 02, 2017. As for the game’s file size, it weighs in at around 40GB which is larger than FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III – for the sake of comparison.

You can check out the image attached below for more information:

The game recently went gold followed by a final story footage released by Koei Tecmo. The game’s director, Fumihiko Yasuda, also gave us an idea about the game’s total length. As noted by Yasuda-san, Nioh will take around 70 hours to complete.

As good as 70-hours sound, if the game is anything like SoulsBorne series by FromSoftware, you can definitely expect to have more gameplay time in comparison to what Yasuda-san has estimated.

This is because of the fact that SoulsBorne games tend to be punishing, but highly rewarding. Moreover, if you try to find all items, armor sets, and weapons; it should definitely take more than 70 hours.

Speaking of weapons, Koei Tecmo recently released a bunch of in-game screenshots that give us a good look at the wide array of weapons that William will be able to use.

The weapons shown in the screenshots include katanas, pikes, bows, daggers, curved swords, straight swords, and other special weapons.

In addition to weapons, the screenshots also show off enemies, different locations, mini-bosses, bosses, armor sets, and more. You can head over to the post to find out more.

Nioh is planned to release next month on Feb. 07 in the U.S., on Feb. 08 in Europe, and on Feb. 09 in Japan exclusively for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Did you get a chance to try out one of the game’s betas? Don’t forget to share your impressions with us in the comments section below!

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