Nioh Last Chance Trial PS4 Pro Frame Rate Test

Nioh last Chance Trial frame rate test was run on PS4 Pro with results based on its three in-game modes. The three game modes are Action, Movie and Movie (variable) mode. The three game modes gave a variable frame test result. The tested version of the game was 1.00.

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The Playstation 4 Pro version of the Nioh Last Chance Trial uses different native resolutions depending on which game mode is chosen. Movie mode uses a dynamic resolution with resolutions switching between 2560×1440, approximately 3330×1880 and 3840×2160. Action mode uses a dynamic resolution with resolutions switching between 1280×720, 1665×940 and 1920×1080. Movie mode appears to run at a higher resolution on average than Movie (variable) mode. Check out the video here to get a better look at the frame rate test.

Nioh Last Chance Trial

The in-depth analysis of Nioh Last Chance Trial shows movie mode to output issues rendering some foliage and hair works. While running in movie mode at 1080p the image is downsampled to 1920 x 1080 resolutions. However, most of the times frames do not drop, it only drops when there is a lot happening on screen or a lot is to render in the game. Basically, PS4 Pro has only 2 frames per second more in heavy scenes, because it has higher clock speed on CPU. Moreover, 99% of gameplay time graphics and frame rate remains same.

The frame rate test of Nioh Last Chance Trial was done by VGTech, who previously also tested the beta version of the game of Standard PS4 and its results were as follows:

  • Action Mode: 900p-720p Dynamic resolution, locked stable 60fps
  • Movie Mode: 1080p 30fps locked
  • Movie Mode Variable: 1080p unlocked fps

Nioh Last Chance Trial is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja for the PlayStation 4. It will release worldwide in February 2017.

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