Nioh 2 The Fire God’s Magatama Walkthrough

This Nioh 2 The Fire God’s Magatama walkthrough will cover the 12th sub mission in the game and becomes unlocked when you complete The Mysterious One Night Castle story mission.

We recommend being at least level 32 when attempting this mission and this guide will go over your objectives, as well as the enemies you will fight and what you will discover.

Nioh 2 The Fire God’s Magatama

You will spot 3 objective markers on your radar. Each of these marks a chest in a Yokai Realm. Your goal is to find the Magatama from one of them. Which one it is will be based purely on luck.

You need to enter the Yokai Realm, defeat the Yokai and open each chest until you find it.

You will start off in front of a shrine. Go left from there and keep running. You will encounter a few enemies that you can easily dispose of, as well as some Bloody Graves.

Maintain distance from the enemy as getting in close will result in you being caught in its tight grip which does a fair amount of damage to you.

Also, block and dodge its projectile attacks. Take out the archer and then head back to the shrine.

There are three main locations you can find the chests in during The Fire God’s Magatama mission

The Village
Head to the bridge to the right of the shrine and then cross it. From there you will have to walk on the roof to your left and you will spot a skeleton soldier below you. Pounce and take down this enemy before proceeding down the village street.

You will spot an Enki during your trek so kill it before heading forward.  There will be a bunch of houses around you so enter one of the left and kill the Yamanba inside to get rid of the defilement. Then leave the house and enter the one on the right. There is a chest there that might be carrying the Magatama.

Head back to the Shrine and turn left towards the forest. Go there and you will encounter a Gaki that you must take care of before going downstairs.

Go left and you will spot some boards on a ledge and a Tengu beneath. Take care of the enemy to remove the defilement and then kill the Yokai. This will grant you access to the chest on the other path.

The Mine
You can gain access to this area via the paths in either of the previous locations. Head inside and start attacking the enemies you encounter. We recommend keeping your distance and attacking using ranged weapons for these foes.

After you’ve taken care of them, eliminate the Waira to remove the defilement in the area. You can then find and open the chest in the back of the cave. Hopefully you won’t have to search all three to find the Magatama but again; it’s all a matter of luck.


  • Swordsmith’s Hammer
  • Kiku Ichimonji
  • Seki Kaneyoshi Dual Tachi
  • Rai Kuniyuki Odachi