Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame Walkthrough

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames is a Main Mission. Your main task in the mission is to investigate...

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames is a Main Mission. Your main task in the mission is to investigate the strange occurrences in Tatara and to fulfill Saito Dosan’s request. This Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame Walkthrough will take you through the complete mission, describing all the enemy encounters along with some hints about the Kodama locations.

Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame Walkthrough

As the mission starts, you will see a man standing on the left nearby. Go and talk to him. He will tell you about the Smithing village ahead.

Just go ahead and enter through the gates of the so-called village. You will see a bunch of small green greeting creatures on shrine. Go and interact with them.

After that, go further ahead into the hut in front of you. There will be a dead body there. Once you search it, you will hear its memory. Whatever you break in the surrounding by your swords, will unleash the voice of someone of the village telling the tale of atrocities it witnessed.

Go out and head further then. There will be two enemies by the fire in the middle of the street. So keep heading the main alley, going into the huts and killing the enemies that you encounter.

Go further ahead and there will be a watchtower to your left. Kill the enemies in front of you and climb over the watchtower to loot the corpse.

Go towards the right path then and as you will go further ahead by climbing the steep path, you will see another hut. Go into the hut and there will be a chest on your left to loot.

Return back from there and go down the way towards another hut behind which you will find another passage to another area. Go further ahead and you will cross a bridge leading to the roof of house. There will be another corpse with memories lying there.

Jump down the house and go ahead. As you will go further right, you will encounter two enemies. Another will be few steps ahead besides another hut. There is a corpse in the hut too which you can loot.

Come out of the house and then move left to the north, further into the village. Keep the killing enemies and looting corpses game active while you explore.

Eventually, you will come across a building with better architecture than the rest of the village. There will be a chest inside the building.

Head out of it and go right and then take a left towards the roof of another house. There will be a Kodama on the roof of the house on which there will be some sacks. Kodama will be lying behind the sacks.

Jump down and go through the falling steep path on the left of the houses. It will lead you towards a gate. You can open the gate. This place actually turns out to be another part of the village with a bunch of enemies there.

As you go further through the main alley, killing the enemies one by one, you will also see a shrine to you right.

Return back then all the way to the main gate which you had opened, go up right and then head left into the gate like frame. Climb up and there will be a house there. There are four enemies inside the house and one outside the house.

Inside the inner room of the house is a chest, and a ladder taking you under the ground. Descend the ladder and then jump down the cliff. There will be a girl by the fire who you can talk to there.

Go further into the cave on the left. Turn more left ahead to find another Kodama. Go out of the cave then from the open area in your front. There will be a corpse right at the cave’s opening with a memory to tell. Go left from there in the water and there is another corpse too.

Head back then and go straight through the bridge and through another huge gate. There is a shrine right to the left there.

Go further ahead, looting the corpses in the house and dealing with the enemies coming in the way. There is a chest in the house too which is to the left where you encounter the second enemy.

Keep going ahead looking for chests in the houses. There will even be fire caused by destruction all around. Make your way through them and you will find a square opening into the ground.

Head back and go left in the same underground area. You will see a chest there beside a ladder which you will then use to climb up. After climbing up, go to the right, through the bridge, leading to the roofs of the houses.

Go right from there, looting the corpses, and jump down the roof then and go past the bridge. There will be an enemy on the bridge too. Loot the whole area and in a house you will see an opening into the ground. Jump down and go right looking for another chest.

There will be a Wandering Sudama here as you go back and then turn left. Past the bridge to it will be a ladder leading up. Climb the ladder and go left, through the bridge and to the rooftops.

Jump down the roofs then and explore further trough the houses. As you go further to the left, you will come across a point with a ladder to thrown down. Climb down the ladder into a streets. There will be a shrine just besides the ladder and more enemies.

Climb the ladder again and go to the left, behind the houses. There is your fifth Kodama there being guarded by a Goki. Head back then and from the middle of the village, go left. It will lead you into another part where you will see a corpse lying in the water.

There is a chest in the house in front of you there. A character like yourself will pop out of it. You will have to imitate it to get random items and the Gesture: overjoyed.

Go back and head inside the shrine that is in the flames. Enter the shrine, go to the right and destroy the wooden boxes here. Go ahead and there will be a ladder to climb up.  You will also find the objective of the mission here.

You can then kick the barrel to put out the flames and then climb down. There will be a large room ahead having a chest in it.

From the room, turn right and walk up to a wall with two huge cracks. Use your gestures here and a Yokai will appear revealing a secret room to you and awarding random items.

As you go ahead, there will be a hot spring that you can use. Head back to the shrine and climb up the ladder. You will encounter another enemy here. Go to the left from there and there will be a hole you can use to drop down.

Go through it and head further. There will be another chest there. Head down from there and you will come across another Shrine.

There will be a ladder nearby which you can then use to climb down. There will be another enemy here and a chest and a corpse nearby. Climb up back and head to the shrine. Go to the rooftop from here and you will encounter an enemy there.

There will be a ladder nearby. Climb down through it and you will encounter another enemy guarding a chest nearby and a corpse to loot.

Go ahead and there will be a ladder to climb up. Explore through the whole area, killing the enemies coming your way and looting the chests.

Go around the corner near the chest and you will find another Kodama here behind a pillar. There will be a ladder near the Kodama to climb down.

There will be a corpse here having loot and a Great Forge Key which you can use to open the red door which leads to the mission objective.

As you go further and unlock this door, you will enter the arena where you encounter the main Boss Enenra. Defeat the Enenra to complete Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame mission.