Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames Kodama Locations Guide

Altogether, there are 150 Kodama locations in Nioh 2 for the Kodama Leader trophy. In this guide, we will provide you with Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames Kodama Locations.

If you fail to find any Kodamas in a particular level, you can always go back through the mission select menu to collect all the Kodamas and work your way towards the trophy.

Nioh 2 The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames Kodama Locations

Finding the Nioh 2 Kodama Locations awards you Kodama blessings and increases the number of elixirs you appear with. They are important, as elixirs permit you to heal.

There are 7 Kodama locations in The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames mission. Below you will find them all.

Kodama Location 1
At the very start of the mission, you can find the first Kodama on the back of the building on your right close to a hill.

Kodama Location 2
For the second Kodama go up the hill and step onto the rooftops. The Kodama is on the rooftop.

Kodama Location 3
The third kodoma can be founded in the cave. You will have to drop down some ladders into a cave. The Kodama is behind some wooden boxes, where a Gaki is also protecting it.

Kodama Location 4
When you enter the village engulfed with the Dark realm, near you will see a ladder in a building leading down to the caves. You can find Kodama behind some wooden crates.

Kodama Location 5
You can find the fifth Kodama outside the entrance of the Great Forge, go around in the right corner  of the torii gate there you will find a kodama protected by a Gaki.

Kodama Location 6
You can find the sixth kodama on the rooftop of the burning building. Use the ladder to climb up to where you came across an Enki. The kodoma is outside on the rooftop.

Kodama Location 7
At the top of the burning building, where there is a large chest and pale of water and you encounter a giant Gaki. The kodoma is behind the pillar.

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