Nioh 2 Enenra Boss Guide

Nioh 2 has given players several new challenging enemies, one being Enenra. Nioh 2 Enenra Boss is actually a Smoke...

Nioh 2 has given players several new challenging enemies, one being Enenra. Nioh 2 Enenra Boss is actually a Smoke and Fire Yokai that uses the elemental energy around him to unleash fire tornadoes and deliver extremely dangerous melee blows.

Nioh 2 Enenra Boss

Enenra is encountered during the mission The Beast of Smoke and Flames. Upon defeating Enenra will drop the Enenra Soul Core which can be used to unlock the skill Fire Twister.

The Soul Core also gives Yokai Force and Fire Damage effects along with an optional effect from pool B.

Fighting Enenra
Enenra is a formidable enemy that can end up dealing a lot of damage if you get too close to him. This is why we would recommend you get a weapon that can deal damage swiftly whilst maintaining a little bit of distance; the spear.

In the battlefield with Enenra, there are 4 pillars located around the arena. You can lure Enenra to destroy these pillars which in turn deals a large amount of Ki damage to him. Depleting his Ki will result in him getting staggered for a while.

Let’s talk viable strats. For the start of the game, make sure to be in the hot spring for as long as it heals you and provides you stat boosts.

While you are fighting Enenra, make sure to always be running in the leftward direction to avoid all of his attacks.

After his combo finishes, you can go in for a High-Stance Spear Attack; which will deal 200% bonus damage if you happen to be attacking from the back. Repeat this for as long as you can.

Once you see explosives on the floor, it’s time to dodge away and let them explode. After that, continue repeating the backstabbing trick.

Other than the melee combos, and the explosives; Enenra will perform red charged attacks that you need to dodge. His tornado move is the most dangerous which you need to counter with the Burst Counter. This counter will deal massive Ki damage to Enenra in return.

You can also use the previously mentioned pillars to bring down Enenra’s Ki. Once his Ki depletes, he will be staggered, and you have a window of 10 seconds to deal as much damage as you can.

After 10 seconds, it’s time to move away as he will unleash a tornado AoE that you do not want to be caught in.

He will now be in his Yokai Realm form; at this point, start repeating the running left strat and keep an eye out for his charged grapple and charged tornado that you need to counter with Burst Counter.

It’s also recommended that you get all the Kodama in this level so you can have the maximum number of elixirs just in case.

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