Nioh 2 Shrines Guide

Nioh 2 Shrines fill you with relief on their very sight as at these points in the world, you are able to restore your health to maximum, as well as stocking up on all consumables stacked away in your storage.

Shrines have a multitude of options you can go through to perform various tasks to improve your character’s playstyle.

Nioh 2 Shrines

Below are all the features and benefits of resting at a shrine in the game

Guardian Spirit
If you’re anything like me, you probably can’t stick to one build for too long, and as a result, have to change certain aspects of your build every now and then.

One such thing is the Guardian Spirit, you can change to your desired spirit, or simply call a Guardian Spirit back that you may have lost after you died, which will sacrifice any Amrita you have collected over the time period.

Conveniently, shrines also allow the player to level up which requires Amrita. Shrines are the hub where you will be progressing your character’s various stats.

What can you do with all the junk you have gathered throughout your journey? Well, you can offer it at the shrine in turn for Divine Rice, and other items.

At the shrine, you can also prepare your Jutsu to prepare items like the Shurikens, Smoke Balls, or Poison Shurikens if you dare. Most of these throwables add to the strength of your character’s build.

You can also receive Kodama Blessing from shrines, allowing you to obtain various buffs by donating a small amount of gold.

Jolly Co-Operation
If you find yourself in a bit of a situation and seemed to have hit a brick wall with a certain area, feel free to call in another player to help you out. This process, however, costs you Ochoko Cups.

Soul Cores
The shrine allows you to manage your inventory of soul cores. You can choose to swap out certain soul cores as you go on or fuse them to improve their ranking.

There is a third option where you can convert soul cores into soul fragments in order to earn Shiftling Skill Points.

Defiled Shrines

Defiled shrines are tricky business, and generally, you can find them in defiled areas infested with the dark realm. Since the game isn’t exactly always clear regarding most of its mechanics, you might find yourself confused when you run into one of these.

Purifying these defiled shrines is of importance as they are essentially a checkpoint allowing you to finally catch a breath of fresh air.

Purifying a Defiled Shrine
In order to unlock said shrine and gain its blessing, you are going to want to locate all the large Amrita Crystals found within the surrounding area.

Beware that around these crystals, Yokai will be standing guard but, you do not need to kill them; all you need to do is get past them, and destroy the crystal and the enemies will be defeated automatically.

Simply destroy the crystals and the area will be cleansed of the dark realm, allowing you to finally rest at the now purified shrine.

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