Nioh 2 Ochoko Cups Guide

Nioh 2 Ochoko Cups are used to summon help. You can offer an Ochoko Cup via a shrine to summon an online visitor during a mission, but most of your Cups will probably be spent summoning spirits from new Benevolent Graves.

Nioh 2 Ochoko Cups

Well if you are new to Nioh 2, and you don’t know about blue Benevolent Graves than, they allow you to summon an AI companion. They will hang around until their timer expires, they die or you die.

There are two types of Benevolent Graves as well:

  • Those created by other players
  • Those already preplaced in the game

Ochoko Cups can be found in a number of ways. First and foremost, the red revenants, also known as the red guys you summon.

These are AI controller players that can be summoned and fought. It’s quite easy to do it, you have to be near the shrine. Just activate any Revenants in the immediate area, defeat them, and then re-visit the shrine to reset them.

If you are able to beat them, they will drop loot and usually some Ochoko cups as well. Drop rate isn’t 100%, but you find so many red summon spots you can farm them as much as you want.

If for some reason you can’t see any Ochoko cups, you can always use a shrine to reset the area and hopefully, it will spawn more.

If you don’t want to waste time killing Revenants, there are yet other ways to obtain Ochoko Cups.

If you have less than three Ochoko cups, you can buy more from the Kodama Bazaar using the points you earn from offering unwanted items. You can also exchange 200 Glory for an Ochoko Cup at the Hidden Teahouse.

Lastly, very rarely, they will drop from bandits and enemy Yokai. This isn’t really a reliable method of farming Ochoko cups so you are better off hunting for Revenants to acquire these cups.

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