Nioh 2 Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Guide

This guide will help you defeat the human-yokai boss that awaits you at the end of The Hollow Fortress in Nioh 2, Saito Yoshitatsu

Saito Yoshitatsu is a human that you encounter in The Hollow Fortress in Nioh 2. This Nioh 2 Saito Yoshitatsu Boss guide explains how to beat Saito Yoshitatsu along with the recommended weapon, his lethal moves and forms, and how to deal with him in each of his forms.

Nioh 2 Saito Yoshitatsu Boss

Saito Yoshitatsu can use Guardian spirits just like the player. It is recommended that you take the Spear as your primary weapon to beat him effectively.

While Yoshitatsu is in the normal human form, you can effectively beat him with your High stance spear. Repeat the move until his health and Ki energy are dropped massively.

Just be careful of his grapple attack if you are close to him. That’s why we recommended a spear so you have a bit more reach.

Also, keep an eye out for his attacks when he imbues his dual swords with lightning as they can do a massive amount of damage. It is best to dodge these attacks and maintain a distance from Saito till the effect wears off.

Yoshitatsu will transform into the Guardian spirit forms twice during the fight. While he is in the Makami form, dodge his three-strike attack and then use your own attacks.

If you see him charging his burst attack, as evident by a red aura, be ready for a burst counter. This is also a great opportunity to deal a good amount of damage after performing a burst counter.

When Saito Yoshitatsu is in Kagewani form, he will stay a distance and use his ranged attacks. You can parry all those attacks or dodge and then follow up with your own to deal damage.

Both of Saito’s Yokai forms are also vulnerable to your Jutsu so you can maintain a distance and deal considerable damage.

Eventually, he gets back into normal human form. Once back to human form, you can repeat the strategies above to defeat Saito.

If during his human form you seem him preparing a jump attack, wait for him to land while ensuring you dodge it and then instantly close the gap and hit him a few times.