Nioh 2 Lady Osakabe Boss Guide

Lady Osakabe is a large boss whose strength lies in its arms. Meaning, if you want to defeat it, you must kill the arms as they decrease Lady Osakabe’s Ki gauge. In this Nioh 2 Lady Osakabe Boss guide, we’ve given strategies on how you can easily dodge the boss’s moves and defeat it.

Nioh 2 Lady Osakabe Boss

Killing the arms of the boss isn’t an easy task as they shoot beams and perform a melee attack throughout the battle. Therefore, you must have your Ki at max before jumping into the battle.

Each arm/eye shoots a different elemental beam so you need to be vary of that.

The best strategy here is to carefully examine the noise each arm makes after shooting an elemental projectile, which gives you a chance to dodge them. As for killing off the arms, the only way to defeat them is to use high stance weapons and lower each arm’s Ki bar, making them vulnerable.

High stance attacks such as a Spear Attack. Probably the best option to kill the arms is using the spear as it really helps in depleting the Ki of each arm.

Once the arm has its Ki bar at zero, it drops down and you can finish it off. When one arm is taken care of, move on to the next one while repeating the same process. Sometimes, more than one arm can attack you at the same time so avoid those attacks.

Alongside the beam, Lady Osakabe’s eyes/arms will also randomly slam down on the ground or do a sweeping attack, both of which you need to dodge to avoid major damage. If you have trouble with dodge timings, you can also block these physical attacks.

When you get sent into the yokai realm, all the eyes will attack at pretty much the same time so always stay on the move. Some might fire off beams while the other eyes of Lady Osakabe might fire an elemental bolt.

In the end, Lady Osakabe drops down and you can use a ranged weapon to shoot at its eye and complete The Golden Castle mission.

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