Nioh 2 Combat Stances Guide

In Nioh 2, stances play an important role in how you fight and how effective your techniques and hits are. We have prepared a guide to explain all three Nioh 2 Combat Stances, how to change them and when to change them.

They will affect the overall outcome of your fight and they will decide how you can get some advantages in the battles.

Nioh 2 Combat Stances

So these stances are basically your fighting styles in the game and they will be the factor that decides how your character can swap between different weapons and prioritize different elements of the game over others.

You can change your character’s stances in the game to change your fighting style and better accommodate it to fight the enemy.

For example, you can turn into Yokai. These kind of things are what make Nioh 2 combats very complex and very famous among other video games and players.

So there will be some options for stances that you can choose from in Nioh 2:

  • High Stance
  • Mid/Medium Stance
  • Low Stance

High Stance
This stance can deal some heavy damage to the enemy with one drawback that it will use lots of stamina as well. It will be very helpful where you need to break the guard of an enemy as it has high power.

Another drawback is that if you are in this stance and an enemy hits you, you will again lose a lot of stamina. It is weak in defence when you are attacking so keep that in mind as well.

Mid Stance
This one is a more well-rounded and more mature stance that can be used in most of the situations where you are not decided on what to use.

It is balanced between damage dealing and stamina use very fairly and this will be a stance that you will be using most of the time when you will be entering new areas in the game.

Low Stance
As the high stance is more focused on damage dealing, this one is more focused on defence and less lean towards offence. It will deal less damage per attack and will be able to easily block most of attacks as well.

The main point is that it will use very less of stamina and will be deflecting hits most of the time. It is the perfect stance for when you are fighting small enemies and close to the ground.

Change Stances
So you can change and swap between these available stances by using the following button combos:

  • R1+Triangle: High Stance
  • R1+Square: Medium Stance
  • R1+X: Low Stance

And if you want to just sheath your weapon in any stance you are already in, just press R1+Circle and you will not adopt any new stance but will just be able to sheath your weapon.

We recommend that you experiment with all these Nioh 2 stances yourself and use what you find easy and best.