Nioh 2 Kamaitachi Boss Guide

This Nioh 2 Kamaitachi Boss guide will focus on the agile and deadly weasel boss, one of the earliest bosses, you face in Nioh 2. We have compiled all the tips and tricks on how to defeat Kamaitachi in Nioh 2 in our guide.

Nioh 2 Kamaitachi Boss

Kamaitachi is the final boss of the mission The Mysterious One Night Castle. Kamaitachi is a swift weasel yokai with rapid and fast attacks.

It’s quick, climb trees and jump around a lot, but doesn’t deal much damage and does not possess a very huge health pool. With this here us how you can take him out.

First, it is recommended that you use a long-range weapon, like a spear or odachi, because he tends to leap away from the player after landing his attacks.

Also, Kamaitachi is resistant to Lightning, Poison and Paralysis, so don’t even bother attacking with either of these elements as they aren’t gonna do much good.

Always use Mid or High stance during your fight. For most of his attacks, you can just walk diagonally and you’ll be out of the hitboxes. For his spinning tail attack, you must block as it is hard to dodge.

Almost all of his attacks can be blocked but it does use up a lot of Ki as almost all of his attacks are multiple hit combos. Trees may not stop his spinning move so just block too for safety.

Another move to look out for is when he climbs a tree. Block immediately as Kamaitachi is bound to throw projectiles at you when he is on a tree.

When he rages and starts to summon clones, outlast the phase by NOT indulging in combat, but hiding behind trees, blocking, dodging and managing your Ki.

The later attack does have a longer charge time, so it can be a good window to deal good damage.

General Tips

  • As Kamaitachi is agile, be patient. Do not use up all your Ki, which you need for blocking and dodging too.
  • If Kamaitachi does land next to you after an attack, it is a good window to land an attack or two.
  • Make sure you use Ki pulse efficiently do be victorious.
  • Tress provide good shield, but not always. It is a good idea to block even when behind a tree.
  • Always use long reach weapons as they not only allow you to land more hits, but also dodge out in time.


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