Nioh 2 Gyuki Boss Guide

Wandering through the wasteland during the main mission Pervading Waters you will be confronted by a giant Spider Yokai. This Nioh 2 Gyuki Boss guide aims on providing you all the details regarding Gyuki the giant Spider’s moveset.

The Gyuki boss fight can also be a good opportunity to unlock a trophy for those interested in getting the platinum for the game. Simply make Gyuki charge into the dam to earn that trophy.

Nioh 2 Gyuki Boss

Gyuki is a giant spider covering a large area; due to this, its attacks can be a bit tricky to dodge. Albeit, the look can be a bit intimidating, we can easily circumvent his moveset and overcome this difficult challenge.

The sheer size of this monster allows its attacks to reach out extremely far and thus it can use his claws to lunge at you, and there’s nothing you can do about it except time your dodges correctly.

A useful tip you should know before starting the fight with Gyuki is that he is a huge monster, and the best strategy against humongous enemies is staying underneath them for as long as possible.

Simply dodge when Gyuki is about to slam himself into the ground, and then proceed to get up close and personal with it. You can avoid most of its attacks by simply staying close to it.

Belly Slam
One of its more notable attacks is that he will slam itself on the ground, and deal damage to anything that is unfortunate enough to be below it at that time. He can do this in two ways.

One way is that Gyuki will jump in the air and then perform the attack, the second way is that he will simply slam himself on the ground without jumping into the air. The former is much easier to read compared to the latter.

Claw Slashes
Gyuki will attack with two consecutive slashes; during this attack, if you are up close and personal with Gyuki, you will have no trouble dodging these attacks as he simply can’t reach you from there.

Charge Attack
It will often attempt to close the distance between you two by charging forward with his entire body, getting caught in this movement will result in you being knocked down and taking some damage.

Winged Transformation
Once you have dealt a considerable amount of damage to Gyuki, and bring his Ki down to zero, he will bring out his wings and become a bit tankier.

During this phase, nothing much changes and his moveset still remains the same, however, you might find him to be a bit more ferocious and faster compared to before.

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