Nioh 2 Pervading Waters Kodama Locations Guide

When playing Nioh 2, you can find 9 different Kodama in the Pervading Waters. If you are interested in all the Nioh 2 Pervading Waters Kodama Locations, continue reading this guide.

Nioh 2 Pervading Waters Kodama Locations

It is worth collecting these since every 5 you come across will provide you with bonus Elixir for the region you find them in. This guide will go over each location in chronological order for your convenience.

Kodama Location #1
There is a path to the left of the second Shrine that is flooded. Head down there and you will come across the first Kodama collectible location in a hut.

Kodama Location #2
You will come across a building with a Dark Realm just a little off from the second shrine. The Kodama can be found on the balcony on the top floor behind wooden crates.

Kodama Location #3
From the previous location, head to the wooden bridge on the same floor of the building and take out the enemy on it to cross it.  Once you do. You will find the Kodama in the area where you drop down.

Kodama Location #4
Once you defeat the witch foe, proceed through the door behind it to cross the short wooden bridge onto a rooftop. Drop down and you can collect the Kodama from the ground behind the building.

Kodama Location #5                                                                                                   
This Kodama is in a crate next to the boats in the harbor area.

Kodama Location #6
There is a bridge close to the previous location that is being guarded by a Samurai along with two ranged attackers. You will find a path that goes downwards just before it which leads you to a tiny island. You will find the Kodama there.

Kodama Location #7
After the 3rd Shrine there will be a Dark Realm. Go through it and head towards the next building on the left (normal story path). The Kodama sits in the corner before entering that building in plain sight.

Kodama Location #8
From the last location, enter the nearby building that has destructible walls. The Kodama is in the small courtyard filled with enemies.

Kodama Location #9
Once you’re done with the Saika Magoichi boss fight, you obtain the key to a gate. Open it to get to the 3rd Shrine path and find the final Kodama