Nioh 2 Darkness in The Capital White Tiger Boss Guide

Nioh 2’s Darkness in the Capital DLC brings forth some tough foes for you to tackle. In this Nioh 2 White Tiger Boss Fight Guide, we’ll be showing you the necessary moves you need to master in order to outwit the White Tiger and emerge victorious in this battle.

Nioh 2 White Tiger Boss

As you continue to pursue Ashiya Doman, he turns around and attacks Nekomata with his corrupted power to possess him and convert him into a vicious corrupted beast that seeks your blood.

The fight against the White Tiger is mostly easy. The attacks are pretty straight-forward, and you shouldn’t have that bad of a time as long as you timely dodge its attacks. Stick close and slash away!

Utilize its Weaknesses
The initial approach while fighting the White Tiger, is to use the Sloth Talisman to decrease its movement speed, and give you the edge in terms of movement a little.

The second talisman that will help you in this fight is the Weakness Talisman, which will reduce the White Tiger’s defenses by quite a bit.

Get Around the Little Kitty
Our strategy for larger bosses remains the same, and since Nekomata’s move-set consists of upfront attacks that are aimed directly at you, we’ll be taking every opening we get.


When Nekomata attacks you, you’ll be able to move in for a small window of opportunity as you start attacking it from the sides.

By constantly repeating this strategy, you’ll be able to take out a significant amount of health pool of the Protector of the West.

Stick Close to the Cat
Like all of the larger enemies, the best strategy would be to always stick close to the sides of the boss.

Doing so, you’ll be able to automatically dodge most of their attacks. Whenever you get the chance, hug the White Tiger, so you can stay out of its reach.

However, watch out for the tail stomp, and other AoE attacks that may damage you.

Stay Away From the Back!
Mr. Buttons takes it rather poorly when you decide to go behind to its tail, and will immediately try to stomp you with its tail.

Try to keep yourself to the sides of the White Tiger or the front. If at any point, you find yourself at the back, get ready to dodge an incoming tail smash!

With the White Tiger in Darkness in The Capital DLC defeated, claim its soul core for your usage.

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