Nioh 2 Blacksmith Guide

Blacksmith is the guy you are going to want to visit frequently if you want to keep up with the stronger monsters in the world. The Nioh 2 Blacksmith is your hub for selling, improving, and crafting new pieces of weapons, armor and items.

You can find the Blacksmith on your view screen under the “Starting Point” menu. The Blacksmith plays an important role in maintaining your strength against your enemies; you will find yourself frequenting him quite often.

Nioh 2 Blacksmith

Buy and Sell
If you have any spare items that you wish to get rid of, you can use this option to sell your items. Should you happen to sell anything by accident; you can always buy it back through the buy-back option for the same price you sold it for.

The forgery is used to craft new weapons, armor and tools found from smithing materials from missions or disassembling items. Blacksmith can also be used to craft special Yokai and Blessed weapons.

Soul Match
Soul Match is an important part of the game. If you feel like a piece of gear is too valuable to discard, you can use this feature to raise the level of that Weapon or Armor to the level of another piece of gear; and transfer the special ability of the previous weapon in the process of it.

For inheriting a special ability, the special effect must be marked with ‘inherit’. Each piece of equipment can have only ONE special effect.

In order to gain the effect, you must raise the piece of equipment to maximum familiarity and use it as a material in Soul Matching. Be warned that if your current weapon already has an effect, it will be overwritten upon infusion.

Use this feature to pimp your character out by changing the visual appearance of the gear your character has currently equipped.

This option can be used to swap the Special Effects of your equipment. A new effect from a random pool of them can be applied depending on the quality of the Umbracite you will be using.

Dismantle any unwanted pieces of gear to gain more smithing materials; which you can use to craft new pieces of gear.

Rare Items
The Blacksmith will have specific rare items that change in stock every time you do a mission. Make sure to keep checking for something useful after every mission.

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