Wii U’s Failed Marketing Is Partly The Reason For Nintendo Switch Success

Nintendo Switch has been very successful and part of the reason for its success was its crystal clear marketing which Nintendo learned the hard way with Wii U whose marketing wasn’t clear enough and many gamers were left confused. According to Nintendo of America President, the company worked hard on the marketing.

Speaking with CNN, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about the unclear marketing for Wii U to which he responded that with Nintendo Switch the company worked hard to make crystal clear what they are selling, unlike Wii U’s marketing.

We worked hard for the Nintendo Switch to make it crystal clear what the proposition is. It’s a home system that you can take on the go, play anywhere with anyone, and that’s resonating.

He also touched on the subject of the software for Nintendo Switch which has been increasing with its popularity. “Having a steady pace of new launches is critical. Whether it’s the big companies like Electronic Arts, or whether it’s the smaller independent developer, we need those companies to create content to support us. We have that now with Nintendo Switch.”

Furthermore, a report has made its way to the internet suggesting that Nintendo has ramped up the Switch production to somewhere between 25 and 30 million units.

According to the report, Nintendo Switch production could be ramped even more but, it will depend on what happens in the Holiday season.

Also, Nintendo wants Switch to match 100 million units install base of the Wii console saying “The truth is we want to raise the installed base of Switch up to the same level as Wii”.

It seems that Nintendo has learned its lesson from the failed marketing of Wii U and it shows with the success of Nintendo Switch.

Source: CNN

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