More Nintendo Switch Peripherals Might Be Coming After The Nintendo Labo

While Nintendo Labo, the modular cardboard peripheral that is coming to the Nintendo Switch, was announced a few weeks ago, there’s a possibility that apparently more Nintendo Switch peripherals might be coming in the future. What these might be isn’t exactly clear yet if they do exist, but we’ll have to wait for more information.

The Nintendo Labo is a collection of cardboard that can be made into different objects like a house, a fishing pole, a piano, an RC car controller, and more. All of these different configurations can be used to play a variety of different games, and if more peripherals come out in the future Nintendo might expand its game library to accompany them.

Back in the days of the original Wii, the Wiimote came out with a number of different peripheral controllers, ranging from a steering wheel for racing games, to a lightgun-like setup for shooters like Call of Duty. Other peripherals include a dance pad, a sword, boxing gloves, a microphone, and more.

While there’s no telling what sorts of peripherals might be coming out for the Switch after the Nintendo Labo if there is anything else coming, we’ll likely get a number of peripherals similar to the Wii in order to complement the various games that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch in the future.

The Switch is already doing well in regards to controller variants, as its JoyCons can already be put together to make a more conventional controller, which would make it more comfortable to most gamers in order to play games. However, if there are more Nintendo Switch peripherals other than the Nintendo Labo coming, there’s no telling what they might end up being.

Either way, Nintendo will likely announce more Nintendo Switch peripherals during a Direct at some point in the future, so at least we’ll be able to know what’s coming if anything does happen.