Nintendo NX to Have an Optional Subscription Based Model, Hardware is Free, $10 Per Month

Another day and another Nintendo NX rumor has surfaced. The latest leak claims that Nintendo NX will offer a subscription based model to its users.

It is an optional model that will allow gamers to play all Nintendo games for $10 a month. Subscribers will be offered NX hardware for free. Meanwhile, those who prefer paying full price upfront for the console and buy cartridges are free to do that.

The subscription model is not very economical and rates may rise over time. $10 a month adds up to $120 a year and $240 for two years. However, offering free hardware (leasing) to subscribers will surely encourage gamers to sign up for Nintendo’s subscription based service.

The system is similar to smartphone leasing.

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It is hard to imagine third parties being on-board with the idea for $10 per month model for all games but since it is Nintendo’s own system, expect all Nintendo games to be part it at least.

The subscription service will probably have small indie developers as third party in the beginning. If the system turns out to be a success, major publishers and developers may come on-board.


Curiosity rises with each new leak/rumor and it is about time Nintendo lifts the curtain. We are hearing that Nintendo NX reveal is set for October. The information came from Wall Street Journal after it published a report about Nintendo NX.

Its reveal will bring us news regarding its specs and launch titles. A recent report claimed that Nintendo NX is using a modified version of Nvidia TEGRA X2 chip. Meanwhile, launch titles include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Focus (Wii U & 3DS content + DLC + Wolf, Pichu, Ice Climbers, Shovel Knight) and more.

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