The Nintendo eShop Ban For Pokemon Piracy Is Indeed Permanent

The Nintendo eShop Ban that has been hitting people that pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon has been confirmed to be permanent for Nintendo.

If you’re one of the unlucky saps that has attempted to pirate a copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon instead of buying it like a normal person, and have gotten banned, then you’re out of luck. Nintendo has confirmed today that a Nintendo eShop ban that is now the punishment for all pirates is permanent.

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The pirating started after a number of links containing the files of the newest pair of Pokemon games (which just released today in North America) began to circle the web, with many people curious enough to download them and begin playing being the victims of the Nintendo eShop ban wave.

The pirates that tried to go online in the game have now been permanently banned from online play with Pokemon Sun and Moon (meaning you can’t trade or battle other players around the globe), along with not being able to access the Nintendo eShop, or to re-download previously purchased digital titles.

The ban wave and many people’s reactions to it actually brings to mind various banwaves for Blizzard’s Overwatch game, which caused a great flood of salty tears from a variety of idiots that thought that they could cheat without Blizzard watching their brand-new critically acclaimed IP like a hawk.

Hopefully everyone else that have been good gamers and haven’t pirated their copies of the games that live in North America will be able to avoid the Nintendo eShop ban by actually buying their copies legitimately. And if you live elsewhere that the game hasn’t come out yet, you can at least wait for five days before the game comes out in Europe.


Pokemon Sun and Moon has come out just today for the Nintendo 3DS in the Americas, and will be coming out on November 23 in Europe. Nintendo has also announced that the game will be coming onto the Nintendo Switch.

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