NieR Replicant The Village Side Quests Guide

In this NieR Replicant The Village Side Quests guide, we have compiled all the information you need to have regarding...

In this NieR Replicant The Village Side Quests guide, we have compiled all the information you need to have regarding the side quests in The Village area of the remake. The location, clients, walkthroughs and rewards of each side quests have been detailed.

NieR Replicant The Village Side Quests

The Village is one of the most prominent locations in Nier Replicant when it comes to the main storyline and side quests. This is the place where Nier and Yonah reside. As most of the game relates to this area, you will expect to find plenty of side quests.

The side quests are divided into Act I and Act II or Route A and Route B. Act I has 18 side quests and Act II has 9 of those

Act I Side Quests

Herbal Remedies
This side quest is obtained from Popola where you must search the Northern Plains for 2 medicinal herbs and return them to Popola. You can either purchase them nearby or have these in your inventory already as they are common items.

You will be rewarded 500 Gold

The Gatekeeper’s Errand
Meet one of the Guards at the gate to the Northern Plains and he will ask you to deliver a message to the Blacksmith’s Wife, found in the very same Village, in the shopping area by the Blacksmith.


You will be rewarded 500 Gold

The Lost Eggs
The Item Shopkeeper will give you this quest in the Village.

To get the required egg, you need to firstly, speak to the boy by the fountain right in front of the Item Shopkeeper and then speak to the villager near the pigs outside the marketplace.

Look for the egg at the base of one of the structures surrounding the fountain in the Village, as you move towards the northern exit.

You will be rewarded a Health Salve

Old-Fashioned Home Cooking
Meet the woman sitting near the fountain in the market area in the Village to get this quest where you will need to collect and provide 10 pieces of Mutton by killing and then carving/looting Sheep.

1500 Gold will be rewarded and you can keep on selling it for extra cash

Shopping List
Meet the woman in the market area inside the Village for this quest.

All you need to do is to pick up 3 Tulip Bulbs and bring them back to the quest giver. These are sold by the Grocer in Seafront, which is the north-westernmost vendor. Bring them back to complete the side quest and obtain your rewards of 500 Gold. You also gain the ability to plant Seeds in the Garden at your home.

Book Smarts
In Your Village, meet the Girl on the upper level of the library. The Girl needs your help putting the books on the Shelves. Return to her after placing each one.

The first book is right behind you, on the left side near the stairs down from the second floor and the second is on the right-hand side of the ground floor from where you enter the library.

She will help you put them in the right place. You will also see a marker that you can interact with.

You will be rewarded 500 Gold

The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother
Meet the owner of the Tavern in Your Village. Who will ask you to bring him 3 Medicinal Herbs, 3 Berries, and 3 Royal Ferns. hadn them over to an elderly woman at the Village Fountain for your reward. These are available at:

  • Medicinal Herb: commonly found in the Village, Northern Plains and sold at shops.
  • Berries: found in the Village, Northern Plains and also the material Shopkeeper sells them in the Village
  • Royal Fern: A rare drop in the Northern plains, but you can also buy it from the Grocer in Seafront.

2000 Gold shall be rewarded to you on completion.

A Return to Shopping
The Florist in your Village will give you this quest only if you have already completed the ‘Shopping List’ quest.

You will have to Retrieve 3 Bounty Fertilizers for the florist’s seeds which can be bought from the Seafront Item Shop. 2000 Gold, Tulip Bulb, Bounty Fertilizer and additional Garden Space will be your reward

Boar Hunt!
Given to you by a man near the Item Shop in Your Village where he will ask you to Kill a Wild Boar out in the Northern Plains and bring him Boar Tusk. Once the Boar is killed, return for your reward. To get this done without failing, you can hide behind the rocks in the northern plains and wait for the Boar the get downed briefly when it charges into a rock, giving you a window to attack. Do not just rush in!

Your rewards will be 500 Gold, Boar Tusk, and the ability to ride Wild Boars.

Yonah’s Home Cooking
Yonah in will give you this quest asking you to get her Venison and Wheat for cooking.

  • You can get Venison from the Deer in the Southern Plains.
  • You can harvest the Wheat or just ourchase it from the market.

On the Wings of Eagles
Tavern Keeper in Your Village gives you this quest but only after completing ‘The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother’ above. You will have to find The Eagle Egg

The Eagle Egg is found underneath the Elder’s House in The Aerie. grab it and take it to the tavern, then take the potion he gives you back to the old lady near the marketplace fountain for 2000 Gold.

Fragile Delivery
The guard at the gate to the Northern Plain in the Village will give you this quest.

You have to deliver a package that’s fragile. So you have to make sure that you don’t trip over. You just can’t get hit, but you can engage in a fight. Carefully travel to the Aerie and deliver the fragile package to the Elder’s house. You can restart if you break it.

Your rewards will be 1250 Gold.

Fragile Delivery 2
The old man near the Marketplace Fountain in Your Village gives you this quest only if completed ‘Fragile Delivery.’  Same as above, you need to deliver a parcel. You now have to deliver it to the Tavern in Seafront Village.

Your reward will be 1500 Gold.

The Ballad of the Twins
To obtain this quest in the Village, talk to Devola in the tavern and then Popola in the library.

In this connected quest, you need to get a drink for Popola from Seafront’s Tavern. The tavern needs ingredients to make it, including 5 Mouse Tails that can be found around the entrance to the Junk Heap and;

5 Lizard Tails that can be found around the Northern Plains or Eastern Road. When the drink’s ready, take it to Popola.

Your reward is a beautiful duet from the twins, the song of the ancients.

A Dog Astray
In the Merchant area of Your Village, meet an NPC near the Blacksmith for this quest where you will have to find a dog in the Northern Plains, beneath the bridge that leads towards the Junk Heap. Report back after finding the dog.

1000 Gold will be given to you as a reward.

Yonah’s Gift
Meet Yonah in your Village after Kaine becomes your companion. You will be asked to get some items.

Melon from the Seafront’s Grocery store, Pumpkins from Façade’s Grocery store, once you have these, meet Yonah to start a story scene.

Fragile Delivery 3
A delivery request from a guard at the Eastern Gate.  Yet another fragile package. Take it carefully to the weapon shop in Facade to get 3000 Gold as a reward.

The Runaway Son
To get this quest, meet the man in the Marketplace area.

You will have to do the following:

  • At Seafront, talk to a Resident in the Town Square (next to a fountain).
  • Investigate in the Tavern. The bar keep wants 5 mutton and 3 goat meat. Find these and give it to him.
  • Head back to the Village and talk to the quest giver.
  • Return to Seafront and talk to the man at the town entrance.
  • travel to Facade. Speak with to the villagers above the weapon shop and then interact with the nearby door.
  • Chase the son through the desert. Defeat the wolves. Then return to his father.

Act II

Thieves in Training
After you get Emil’s Letter from Popola, meet the Item Shopkeeper NPC in your Village to obtain this quest. He will ask you to find the people who robbed the item store.

Speak to the villagers with quest speech bubbles in the marketplace to obtain the clues. Find the two kids behind the Cartwheel area in the market place and then talk to the father and return to the shopkeeper.

He will rewards you with 3000 Gold

A Bridge in Peril
This quest can be started by meeting the guard near the Northern Gate after revisiting the Lost Shrine in Act 2 of the main story.

You will be required to kill the Large Shade that shows up near the Northern Plains Bridge that spawns in Cloudy Weather. Re-enter the area to get it to spawn.

You will be given 30,000 Gold & Labyrinth’s Whisper, a weapon that you’ll need to see some of the game’s endings

Contract for a Contractor
You can take on this quest from a man near the north gate of your Village, but you need to have Emil’s letter from Popola first. Once again, you will have to fetch some materials as follows:

A Memory Alloy, 10 Titanium Alloys and 10 Broken Motors. The

  • Broken Motors are a common drop.
  • Titanium Alloy and Memory Alloy drop from the larger enemies. They commonly drop from the same enemies on the 2nd floor of Junk Heap. These are open late in the games, so you might want to wait on this one.

You will get 30,000 Gold & Labyrinth’s Whisper, a weapon that you’ll need to see some of Nier Replicant’s endings.

The Creaky Waterwheel
After getting Emils’ Letter from Popola, meet the NPC woman standing close to the item shop in the Village. The woman will ask you to grab some materials as follows:

  • Go to Facade’s Strange-Thing shop. Give the shopkeeper 10 Iron Ore and 10 Logs to make the parts you need.
  • You can obtain the Iron Ore from the desert or buy it from Two Brothers Weaponry at the Junk Heap.
  • Logs can be purchased at the marketplace in the Village.

Get these items to the Strange-Thing Shop, get the parts, and then return to the quest giver to get the reward of 10,000 Gold

The Faded Fountain
Get this quest from a guard near the marketplace fountain. Only available after completing ‘The Creaky Waterwheel’ above.

To get the required materials, go to the Strange-Thing Shop in Facade. The shopkeeper needs materials to make the materials.

You requrie 10 Broken Motors and 10 Severed Cables. These you can obtain as Junk Heap drops from farming 1F enemies.

Return to the Strange-Thing Shop and get your stuff and then return to the quest giver and receive 20,000 Gold.

A Child’s Final Chance
The grocer in your home Village will give you this quest.

You will need to follow the clues to uncover the mystery of the mysterious illness as follows:

  • Talk to the three kids at your village, they should be easy to find.
  • Head to the Forest of Myth and Examine the glowing spot at the large tree, you’ll discover that the berries are poisonous.
  • Try to leave to get a cutscene.
  • Take the Antidote back to the quest giver.

You will receive 10,000 Gold and also some discount at the grocer

The Despicable Man
The woman in the market of your home village gives you this quest after you’ve got 4 key fragments in the main story.

You’re asked to locate a man wearing a golden necklace, which you can do by:

  • Speaking to people in the Village to gather clues, particularly the guard at the northern gate.
  • Go to the Forest of Myth upon being asked and speak to an NPC near the big tree.
  • Now go to Seafront and speak with a female NPC near a barrel.
  • Talk to the Apprentice Postman, found right outside the Post Office, wearing a red hat.
  • Now get to the main street of Seafront. There is an NPC on a crate above. Speak to him.
  • Finally, go to the Junk Heap to speak to the brother in the Weapon Upgrade shop.

The quest will end and your reward will be 15,000 Gold

Search for the Shade
At your Village, talk to the guard that’s near the southern exit to get this quest. You need to have 3 key fragments beforehand.

The guard wants you to track down the shade haunting the Village which you can do by:

  • Going to check the mouth of the village river first
  • Going back and talk to the little girl, who sends you to the front of the library.
  • Go to the market, and chat with three villagers there and then go back to the little girl.
  • Go to the hill atop using stairs near the market entrance. At the edge of the cliff, you’ll find the shade.

Obtain 5000 Gold as your reward

The Damaged Map
Meet the Blacksmith NPC in your home Village after anytime you have freed Kaine. The NPC asks you to find a treasure map which requires a lot of steps to be followed. Let’s start:

Go to the library and inspect the bookshelves on the 2nd floor to obtain a Treasure Map.

Get the map to the Strange-Thing shop in Façade and meet the shopkeeper. He will ask you to get 3 Machine Oil, 3 Eggplants and 3 Goat Hides.

  • The Eggplants can be purchased from the Village Grocer.
  • Goat Hide can be obtained if you slaughter the goats found at the Eastern Road.
  • Machine Oil is dropped at the Junk Heap dungeon

Once you have the stuff, head to the Strange-Thing Shop and have the Damaged Map restored.

Now go to the Blacksmith’s wife. She sends you to find the treasure. Check with Popola so she can read the map.

Go to the Lost Shrine and go to 2nd floor. Search the room here for the treasure. The treasure is a glowing object to the northwest side of 2F.

Return this treasure to the Blacksmith’s wife. She trades it with you for a Hair Ornament.  Sell the Hair Ornament to Facade’s Strange-Thing shop to get a Gold Coin, which you can trade with the Blacksmith for another treasure map, the Marked Map. Meet Popola so she can decipher this map

Finally, Head to the Northern Plains, where the bridge starts out. Look Under the bridge to find a glowing spot, the treasure which is your reward. The quest reward will be Labyrinth’s Shout, a weapon that is required for the later endings of the game.