NieR Replicant Route A The Village Epilogue Walkthrough

In this guide, we have the complete NieR Replicant The Village Route 1 Epilogue Walkthrough for you, including both of the bosses you will face.

In NieR Replicant, The Village is the first part of the Epilogue. It will take place in Nier’s Village after you complete Emil’s Manor. In this guide, we have the complete NieR Replicant The Village Route A Epilogue Walkthrough for you.

NieR Replicant Route A The Village Epilogue

When you return from Emil’s Manor back to NieR’s Village, a cutscene will play in which you will talk to Yonah. After the cutscene, you will need to go and meet Popola for more medicine. Head to the Library to talk to Popola.

When talking to Popola, she will ask you to recover the Vapor moss that has been growing near the southern gate of the Village. Now head to the southern gate and exit the Village through it to find the Vapor Moss. Harvest it from the points behind the water wheel there.

When you retrieve the Vapor moss, you will see Emil coming through the gates. Talk to him and then return to the Library. Exit the Library for another cutscene in which Shades will storm the Village.

After the cutscene, go to the shopping district and kill all the Shades you see there. When you clear all the shades there, a cutscene will play, after which you will have to fight Jack of Hearts Boss.

Jack of Hearts Boss Fight

Jack of Hearts is a huge regenerating shade boss. He will smash his hands on the ground that will create shockwaves. Jump over these waves to avoid taking damage. During the fight, the fight area will be surrounded by Shades.

Use Dark Lance attacks on him which will allow you to damage him from a distance. As the fight progresses, Jack of Hearts will head for the north gate and the hill.

Keep following him, using your attacks to damage him and making sure to dodge his attacks. On the hill, keep damaging him until you break his attack gauge.

Then, a cutscene will play, and when it ends, you will be inside the Library. Again, clear the attack gauges as before to trigger another cutscene. The Shade will be locked in the library basement, being sealed by Kaine.

Grimoire Noir Boss Fight

After you defeat Jack of Hearts, Shawdowlord and Grimoire Noir will appear. The Shadowlord will have Yonah in his arms. Grimoire Noir will try to persuade Grimoire Weiss to team up before Kaine’s voice interrupts the conversation.

Grimoire Weiss maintains his commitment to his friends. The cutscene will come to an end.

Now, you will have to fight Grimoire Noir. Grimoire Noir can release pages, and each page can release magic orbs. He can also perform charge attacks and block your attacks using a defensive barrier. To defeat Grimoire Noir, use melee attacks at the start of the fight.

As you damage Noir, attack gauges will appear. Destroy the attack gauges to gain access to your magic attacks. Now use your magic attacks to chip away his health.

Keep using a combo of melee and magic attacks at Grimoire Noir and destroy the attack gauges to defeat him.

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