NieR Replicant Seafront Side Quests Guide

Our NieR Replicant Seafront Side Quests details everything that you need to know about all the side quests in the seafront region of NieR Replicant.

Our NieR Replicant Seafront Side Quests details everything that you need to know about all the side quests in the Seafront region of NieR Replicant, including their respective walkthroughs and rewards.

NieR Replicant Seafront Side Quests

Side quests in NieR Replicant are essentially optional tasks that you can complete in order to gain some handsome rewards, which in turn helps you in the main storyline of the game. There a quite a few side quests for you to attempt. They are divided into both halves of the game. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the side quests available in the Seafront region. So, let’s get started!

Seafront Act I Side Quests

The Fisherman’s Gambit
This side quest has a total of 9 parts that are spread across both acts of the game. Completing all parts of this side quest in Act I is mandatory to unlock another Act I’s side quest, ‘Bon Appetit’. You’ll obtain each part of this side quest from the Old Fisherman NPC found on the docks of Seafront.

Part 1
Catch 10 Sardines from the Seafront beach using Lugworms as bait.

Part 2
Catch 7 Blowfish from the Seafront Pier using Lugworms as bait.

Part 3
Catch 7 Rainbow Trout from the water off the dock in the Northern Plains using a suitable lure.

Part 4
Catch 5 Bream from the Seafront Pier, right next to the Old Fisherman NPC, using a suitable lure.

Part 5
Catch 5 Black Bass from the lake of your Village with the help of a suitable bait.

Reward: Completing each part of this side quest boosts your fishing skill, and the caught fish are added to the Fish Shop.

The New Merchant in Town
This side quest can be obtained from n NPC on the Boat in Seafront Town’s port, and it requires you to collect the following items: wool, goat hide, and natural rubber. Since wool is a rare drop, you may have to kill dozens of sheep in the Northern Plains to get it.

The same goes for the goat hide. However, the best farming location for this item is the Eastern Road, where you can steer clear of the Shades.

As for the natural rubber, you can buy it from the materials specialist shop in Seafront Town.

Reward: 10,000 Gold.

The Postman’s Request
You can obtain this side quest from the Post Office at the Seafront Town. It requires you to deliver the letter to the old lady. You’ll find her at the top of the Lighthouse; it can be reached from a side-street in Seafront.

Reward: 1000 Gold.

The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath
Once you complete the previous side quest, you will get this side quest from either from the Seafront Postman or from Devola at your home Village tavern. It requires you to first visit the old lady in the Lighthouse, followed by the Postman multiple times.

Then, stealthily make your way to the back room of the post office while solving the puzzle along the way. Inspect the item in the back room, talk to the Postman, and finally return to the old lady.

Reward: 1000 Gold.

This side quest comes from either the Seafront Post Office once again or Devola in your home Village Tavern. It requires you to head to the Post Office in Seafront and speak with the Postman.

Reward: You get access to some story scenes.

Letter to a Lover
You’ll obtain this side quest from a man near the Fountain in Seafront Village. It requires to imitate a postman and deliver a letter in the Aerie to a house to the left of the Elder’s House.

As you leave this empty house, you’ll find yourself in combat. Winning it will yield an item, which you’ll have to take back to the quest giver.

Reward: 3000 Gold

A Signature Dish
You’ll obtain this side quest from the Tavern Keeper at the Seafront Tavern. Fetch the following ingredients: 10 Medicinal Herbs, 10 Wheat, and 10 Sardines. Medicinal Herbs can be easily found.

For Wheat, purchase it from your Village or grow it yourself. As for Sardines, catch them from Seafront Beach using Lugworms, or purchase them from the Fish Shop, given that you’ve completed ‘The Fisherman’s Gambit’.

Reward: 5000 Gold.

Bon Appetit!
You’ll obtain this side quest from the Tavern Keeper in Seafront once you’ve overcome ‘A Signature Dish’. It requires you to go to the Library in your Village from where you can pick a cookbook for the Tavern Keeper. He will then ask you to collect the following ingredients: Rice, Mushrooms, 5 Sharks.

You can either purchase Rice and Mushrooms from Seafront Grocery Store or harvest them. For Sharks, given that you’ve completed the side quest, ‘The Fisherman’s Gambit Part 5’, you can catch them at the Pier in Seafront Village, using a Sardine lure them.

Reward: 5000 Gold.

The Pride of a Lover
This side quest can be acquired from the Seafront, and it requires you to collect Fluorite. Head to the Strange-Thing Shopkeeper in Facade, who’ll direct you to the Barren Temple. In the temple, you’ll find it all over the place. It looks like a normal, white pickup item. Pick it up and give it to the quest giver.

Reward: 30,000 Gold

Act II Side Quests

The Masterless Lighthouse
This side quest comes from a resident NPC outside the Lighthouse at Seafront town. It requires you to gather 10 Broken Lenses, 10 Broken Batteries, and 10 Mysterious Switch items and then return them to the quest giver. You can find these items as drops from enemies in the Junk Heap.

Reward: 30,000 Gold

The Scattered Cargo
Given that you’ve gotten Emil’s Letter from Popola, you’ll be able to obtain this side quest from an elderly NPC near the Seafront Town fountain. It requires you to recover 3 pieces of Cargo from a lost ship. You’ll find this Cargo on the shoreline, in the form of huge boxes.

Once you’ve collected the pieces, you will be presented with a choice as to where to return this Cargo. Depending upon the choice you make, the reward will differ.

Reward: For returning to the client, you’ll get 20,000 Gold, a discount at Seafront Item Shop, and various useful items added to that shop’s inventory. For returning to the authorities, you’ll get 50,000 Gold.

The Strange Fate of the Jewel
Once you’ve gotten Emil’s Letter from Popola, you can obtain this side quest from a woman at Seafront’s port. It requires you to find the Mermaid Tear treasure. For that, the first talk to the quest giver.

Then, make your way to the Lighthouse and collect the two letters left by the Lighthouse Lady. Next, visit the Postman and head to his backroom by solving a crate puzzle.

Look around once inside the back room to find the Mermaid Tear. After getting ahold of the treasure, you can either bury it or return it. Whatever you choose, the quest will be completed, but you’ll be rewarded differently.

Reward: If you bury the treasure, there’ll be no reward except the quest’s completion. For returning the treasure, you’ll get 10,000 Gold. However, if you sell the treasure to the store, you’ll not only get 10,000 Gold, but you can also act in front of the quest giver as if you didn’t find it.

Learning a Trade
Given that you’ve freed Kaine in the main story and completed ‘The New Merchant in Town’, you can obtain this side quest from a man aboard the ship docked at Seafront.

It requires you to acquire a Mandrake Leaf and Toad Oil for the quest giver. The former can be purchased from the Strange-Thing shop in Facade, while the latter can be purchased from the brother in the Junk Heap shop.

Reward: 20,000 Gold.

Master of the Southern Plains
You can obtain this quest from the Postman once you’ve gotten the key fragment from the Lost Shrine in the story. It requires you to kill a large shade. This shade is likely to appear in the Southern Plains.

Reward: 30,000 Gold.

The Fisherman’s Gambit
The second act of the game features the remaining parts of “the Fisherman’s Gambit” side quest.

Part 6
Catch 3 Sandfish at the desert ocean with a Lure. Unlike the fishes so far, to catch sandfish, you’ll need to hook the fish after the first wiggle of the lure. Otherwise, you’ll fail.

Part 7
Catch 3 Royal Fish from the little Pond in the Eastern Road, using an Earthworm bait. However, be sure to clear the goats from the area beforehand.

Part 8
Catch 2 Blue Marlin from the Seafront Pier using Sardines as a lure. The procedure to catch this fish is the same as that for a sandfish.

The Fisherman’s Final Gambit – Part 9
Catch a Legendary Fish, Hyneria, by fishing from the fast-travel boat in the Desert town and using Sardine as bait.

Reward: Boost in the fishing skill along with the addition of caught fish to the Fish Shop.

Staying Afloat
You can obtain this quest from an NPC resident at Seafront’s port area. It requires you to collect the following materials for the NPC to fix his boat: 5 Logs, 20 Dented Metal Boards, and 10 Stripped Bolts. You can buy the logs from the Materials Shop in your home Village.

As for Stripped Bolts and Dented Metal Boards, make your way inside the Junk Heap, kill everyone and open each crate you find. You’ll easily get these two items from the crates.

Reward: 20,000 Gold.

Bon Appetit! 2
Given that you’ve completed ‘Bon Appetit!’ in the first act, you can obtain this side quest from the Seafront town Tavern Keeper. It requires you to garner 10 Giant Catfish and 10 Bags of Rice.

For Catfish, fish at the Pond on the Eastern Road, with Carp as a lure. As for bags of rice, you can buy them from the Seafront Grocery Store or the Village Florist. You can also harvest rice yourself.

Reward: 20,000 Gold.

The Great Tree
Given that you’ve acquired the Lost Shrine key fragment, you can obtain this side quest from an NPC in Seafront standing right by the Item Shop. It requires you to collect a piece of the root for the NPC from the Lost Shrine’s great tree. For doing so, head to the Lost Shrine, fight in some battles, and then grab the dropped tree root piece.

Reward: 20,000 Gold.

A Memorable Knife
When you’ve gathered 4 key fragments in the story, speak to the Seafront Tavern Keeper to get this side quest. It requires you to obtain a weapon called Elite Kitchen Knife for the Keeper from the Junk Heap Weapon Shop. However, first, you’ll need to 10 Titanium Alloys to the brother for him to be able to make it. You can pick these alloys as droppings (rare) from the robots on the 2nd floor of the factory dungeon.

Reward: 20,000 Gold.

Once you’ve completed ‘Letter to a Lover’ in Act I, you can obtain this quest in Seafront Town from a man on the roof above the Blacksmith. It requires you to deliver a Freesia Flower to the Facade Material shop.

Reward: 10,000 Gold.