A Nier: Automata Sequel Might Be Coming In The Future, Barring Liver Failure

A Nier: Automata sequel might be coming sometime in the future, according to a statement by Square Enix. The game, a masterful result of a collaboration between Yoko Taro and Platinum Games, received universal acclaim and sold over a million copies in its first month. It’s available on PS4 and PC.

With how well Automata did, Square Enix and Yosuke Saito, the game’s producer, would be open to making a remastered version of the original Nier game, which began the Nier story (and which itself picked up from Ending E of the original Drakengard game). The game, despite rather getting rather middling feelings for its gameplay, won critical acclaim for its story.

Nier will be turning ten years old in three years, so that would be the best time to do a remastered version. If that ends up happening, Saito said that in addition to bringing Yoko Taro back, they would also add in some extra features. However, whether Platinum would come in to help with the combat apparently wasn’t stated.

As for a Nier: Automata sequel, it all depends on if the team can get back together again. With many game developers moving around all the time (especially if a developer was some sort of freelancer), getting the team back together for a sequel might be difficult. There’s also, joked Taro and Saito, the chance that the development team will lose one or both of them to liver failure, as they both enjoy drinking.

Hopefully a Nier remaster and a Nier: Automata sequel will both be in the cards at some point in the future. Considering how well Nier: Automata sold, and how well it was regarded critically, Square Enix would have to be stupid to not put together some sort of remaster and bundle for it at some point in the future.

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