Nier Automata Sales Pass 1 Million Since Release, Both Physical And Digital

Nier Automata sales have broken the 1 million mark since its release, chalking up another win for Platinum and a win for Square Enix.

Nier Automata sales have apparently broken the 1 million sale benchmark, according to an announcement from Square Enix. Nier Automata came out only a little over a month ago, and has already broken an important benchmark for the series.

Hopefully in the future the game will earn even more sales.

Nier Automata is a distant sequel to Nier, a 2010 action-RPG that was itself a sequel to the Drakengard games. However, while Nier was a sleeper hit, and even then not a very good one, Nier Automata has apparently benefitted from Platinum Games’s style of combat, combined with Yoko Taro’s story.

Nier Automata takes place on an Earth in the distant future, where humanity lives on the Moon and sends androids into battle to fight robots that are under the control of alien invaders.

Players take the role of combat android 2B, and must put down the machine threat once and for all. Though, this being a Nier game…there is far more to it.

The Nier Automata sales will be a boon not just to Square Enix, but likely Platinum Games as well. Platinum has been struggling a bit recently, due to the cancellation of their Scalebound game and the lackluster reception of their licensed titles.

Having yet another runaway success on their hands will hopefully help Platinum regain some of their previous glory.

The uploading of a “new Bayonetta” game for April Fools’ Day has also gotten some people’s attention, mainly because a mysterious countdown has started in the game that might be hinting towards a Bayonetta 3 being announced.

Nier Automata is currently available for the Playstation 4 and PC, so if you want to add to the Nier Automata sales yourself, and have one of those platforms, you can buy the game and take part in another Platinum video gaming masterpiece.

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