NieR Automata Goliath Boss Battle Guide

In our NieR Automata Goliath Boss Battle Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about exploiting Goliath’s weaknesses and completing the boss battle.

Goliath in NieR Automata is another easy boss battle. The entire boss battle is divided into two phases. Both of these phases are fairly easy and can be completed without receiving damage if you’re good at dodging.

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NieR Automata Goliath Boss

At the very start of this battle when 2B and 9S have a talk with each other which is a very small cut scene is the time when you will encounter the boss.

At this stage there will be only 2 huge size buzzsaws trying to bring you down. These buzzsaws attack you horizontally and vertically either one by one or together.

You have to dodge them perfectly and deal damage to them with of your POD and your melee attacks otherwise these buzzsaws will deal huge damage to you.

After dealing the right amount of damage another small cut scene will appear after which the boss will appear in his true form.

As the boss fight starts, be prepared to dodge hundreds and thousands of orbs headed your way! Think of them like projectiles from Aerofighters. You need to lock-on and keep your drone busy.

It has a sandwich attack during which the Goliath tries to clap you between its massive buzzsaws.

You must learn to dodge just before the attack connects in order to avoid receiving any damage. Either way, land a few strikes before the boss is able to retreat its saws.

It also has another attack during which the Goliath raises either one or both of its arms and tries to hit you.

It’s a pretty simple attack to dodge and you should be prepared as soon as you see the arms catch fire. Continue to dodge and attack until you see 9S come in.

Following 9S’ arrival, the Goliath will get a couple of new attacks. If you see the boss disappear, start running towards the camera in order to avoid damage.

The boss will come up with a smash attack which can only be dodged by jumping into the air.

Just continue to attack and you should complete the boss battle following a cut-scene – for now, at least!

At this point you have to go and recover 9S by climbing on to the Goliath and follow the path. While going to recover him you will face some small enemies which you have to defeat. Once you are done and have recovered 9S another cut scene will pop up.

Keep on firing up the beam till the time 9S hacks into his system and tells you his weakness of left arm. After being slashed and pushed away miles by Goliath you will be able to take control of left arm and will be able to rip it apart.

Once his arm is in your control you will be able to completely defeat him in next 2 or 3 attacks with his own arm.

During the second phase of the Goliath Boss Battle, the boss gets a ton of new attacks. It will often fire homing missiles at you which can easily be dodged by simply running in any direction. In addition to this, it has a vertical slash attack which isn’t too tough to dodge.

It also has a beam attack which is well-telegraphed and can be dodged well ahead of time. As soon as you see the boss opening its mouth, be prepared to dodge.

Sometimes, the boss also releases energy over the entire field which can only be dodged by jumping.

Lastly, there is a horizontal sweep attack which can also be dodged by jumping for a short duration of time. One important thing that you need to bear in mind is to constantly shoot him for some continuous damage output.

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