New Xbox One Scorpio Price Shared By Another Retailer, 549 Euros This Time in Greece

A Greek retailer, Public, has just released a new Xbox One Scorpio price, showing that, in Greece at least, the console will cost 549 euros. While this is no indication of what it will be in other regions, it at least tells us that the Scorpio really is a premium console.

We finally learned about the specifications of the Scorpio several weeks ago when it was finally revealed by Microsoft, but we haven’t learned many other particulars. Most important, we haven’t learned the price until now.

Microsoft has said in the past that the Xbox One Scorpio would be priced like a premium console, and if the Xbox One Scorpio price that was revealed by Public is accurate, they’re telling the truth. However, with everything we’ve heard about it, it’s not surprising.

With all of the advantages that the Xbox One Scorpio will reportedly have over the Playstation 4 Pro, its most direct competition, including more terabytes, better resolution, and more, the high price is justified to avoid selling the console at a loss.

The Playstation 4 Pro has sold well in the five months since it was first released, but even then it might be in trouble if Xbox One fans, or fans that might be looking for better graphics, end up preferring the Scorpio over it.

Even so, a 549 euro (or your regional equivalent) price tag isn’t anything to sneeze at, especially when the Playstation 4 Pro only costs 400 dollars new. However, there’s still the possibility that the price is actually lower in other areas than it is in Greece.

For instance, another retailer, the Spanish retailer Xtralife, has revealed that its own offer for the Xbox One Scorpio is only 399 euros, a 150-euro difference between theirs and the one in Greece. A patcher has also said that Microsoft would be committing business suicide to set a higher Xbox One Scorpio price than 399.

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