Ni no Kuni 2 Criminal Capture Bandit Gang Guide

This walkthrough covers the Criminal Capture Bandit Gang skirmish mission in Ni no Kuni 2 along with tips and rewards.

This walkthrough covers the Criminal Capture Bandit Gang skirmish mission in Ni no Kuni 2. We’ll be suggesting to you the best units to take on this mission and talk about a good strategy for dealing with the entire mission. The rewards for completing this mission are also mentioned within this guide.

Ni no Kuni 2 Criminal Capture Bandit Gang Walkthrough

The recommended level to play this mission is 16. There are two conditions for completing this mission. First, you have to stop Gordo from escaping, and secondly, you have to make sure he doesn’t die.

Before starting the Criminal Capture Bandit gang mission in Ni no Kuni 2, you first have to choose your units. You can open the Muster Forces menu to choose the units you want to enter this battle. The four units we use for this battle are given below.

  • The Kitty-Catty Cutters (Level 36)
  • Gamma Squadron (Level 35)
  • Covert Ops Unit Omega (Level 19)
  • The Sisters of No Mercy (Level 36)

It wouldn’t be difficult to win the battle with these units if you didn’t make some silly mistakes. Just follow what we do, and you will be able to win the battle easily.

After selecting units, Bolster and Mobilize Forces can start the battle. The battle starts with some dialogues in which Gordo challenge you to catch them.

Just take out the forces in your way and go after Gordo unit. He will lead you into a trap and close the door but don’t worry, as this is part of the mission.

Here he will be standing in the water with his unit, and what you have to do is quickly destroy the cannon close to you as it can damage your units more. If you see a red circle, do your best to get away from it.

Just avoid the red circle and continue to attack his other units. He will move away after putting you inside that trap. Take out all the unit members inside, and Gordo will again appear with his unit outside the closed door, trying to run away.

After some dialogues, the door will open, and you have to run after Gordo and his unit so he can’t run away. You will again encounter some units and cannons, but taking them out wouldn’t be difficult.

Run after Gordo’s unit, surround him as you get the chance, and separate him from the unit to make him surrender.


This will complete the mission, and you will be awarded the following items:

  • Spool of Lemon-Yellow Thread
  • Uptown Egg
  • A Piece of Heavy-Duty Cloth
  • A Pair of Green Prisms
  • A Piece of Comfy Cloth
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