Ni no Kuni 2 Blue Chests Locations, How to Unlock

This Ni No Kuni 2 Guide will help you locate Blue Chests and teaches you how to open them to get awesome loot and rewards.

Ni No Kuni 2 has its own fair share when it comes to secrets. There is always something waiting for you off the beaten path. We have curated the Ni No Kuni 2 Blue Chests Guide, in which we have detailed how you can open these Blue Chests and get the awesome loot hidden inside them.

You will often come across different mysterious Blue Chests that appear to be normal treasure chests during your journey, but the game does not let you open them. These Blue Chests are treasure chests, but they are not opened easily, and the game does not tell you how to open them either.

How to Unlock Blue Chests in Ni no Kuni 2

You will start seeing these Blue Chests from a very early part of the main campaign, but you will not know anything about these mysterious chests sitting randomly throughout the world.

The game will not tell you anything about these chests and how to unlock them. They look similar to regular brown treasure chests, but you cannot unlock these Blue Chests unlike them.

However there is a way to unlock these chests, but it requires some things to be completed before opening these blue treasure holders. The first and the foremost important thing is story progression.

Unless you have reached a specific part of the story, you cannot unlock these chests. To be more specific, you must reach the point of the story where you have Evermore, and you can develop it.

Once you have access to Evermore, you will want to construct a specific building in it.

This building is Evermore Spellworks. This building allows you to research and learn different types of spells. Therefore, if you have not figured it out until now, you need to learn a spell to unlock these Blue Chests. However, the spell in question cannot be researched unless your Spellworks has been upgraded to Level three.

This is not easy because upgrading buildings past Level 2 requires first upgrading your Kingdom. This requires a large amount of Kingsguilders as well as citizens. To be specific, you need to construct 10 facilities and have 25 citizens.

Once your Kingdom has been upgraded, you will be able to upgrade buildings to Level 3, including the Spellworks. Before you do that, you have to get the IQ of your personnel to 235 or above. Assign three citizens to the Spellworks facility and level them up if you can.

Once the Spellworks is upgraded, go to the building and research the Spring Lock spell. This does not have very high requirements; however, it takes time to research the spell depending on how good the citizens are in Spellworks.

Once you have learned the Spring Lock spell, you will be able to unlock all the Blue Chests found in the world. There is still an exception, as some Blue Chests are found in the Dreamer’s Door dungeon. These cannot be unlocked using the Spring Lock spell. For unlocking these Blue Chests, you will require dreamer’s orbs.

Ni no Kuni 2 Blue Chests Locations

  • South of Martha’s
  • East of Ding Dong Dell and a bit towards the south
  • South of Sky Pirate Base
  • On a mound in Rubbly Ruins
  • Southside of Plainview Plateau
  • South of Shiverwood Shrine
  • In the area with Niall’s throne
  • In between Calmlands and Sundown Coast
  • Inside Sundown Coast
  • Southwest of Sunrise Shore – look for the part of the map that looks like a reversed C and looks under it
  • Close to a Wavewyrm in Shallow Shoals
  • In the center Makronos
  • In Ceucippes’ Labyrinth
  • Northside of Ice Continent
  • North of Broadleaf
  • East of Broadleaf
  • On a platform by Seat of the Sea Beast (you’ll need to use Zippelin)
  • Northwest section of the desert continent (you’ll need to use Zippelin)
  • On Nazcaa
  • In Lost City
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