Next Borderlands Game Being Developed for 2017 with Weapon Customization? [RUMOR]

There have been hints last year that Gearbox was hiring an Art Director to work on the next Borderlands game, as well as some others and we also know that the game will come only to PS4 and Xbox One; however, nothing has come from the developers so far. In fact, they haven’t even told us if the game is called Borderlands 3 or not.

Anyhow, it has been a while since they have been quiet about it, and even said last year that the game doesn’t exist yet, but it could be that they are keeping things well under the wraps here.

According to a newly surfaced rumor, the next Borderlands game (whether they call it Borderlands 3 or not) is well in development at the moment.

The rumor came up from an alleged email that an anonymous source at 2K Games has sent, outlining what they have been doing and they plan to do. That alleged insider claims that the developers want to release the game before fall 2017.

Other than that, the game is apparently going to bring in weapon customization for the first time among a number of other new things that Gearbox has learned from the less than stellar reception of Borderlands: The Presequel.

The next Borderlands game is going to be “a unique adventure,” and will have an even more “unique and interesting loot system” that the franchise is famed for.

Last but not the least, the rumor suggests that developers will start sharing details on the game with the public regularly in the coming months to gauge the community’s interest in what they are changing about the franchise.

While that is all, do keep in mind that this is based purely on an unconfirmed and anonymous source which is why we are still regarding it as a rumor.

What will you like to see in Borderlands 3 apart from the only officially confirmed detail that the same team that made Battleborn is going to develop it?

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