Battleborn Team Will Work on Borderlands 3: 2K

Gearbox has been busy for the past few years with Battleborn. Working hard to make sure the game is perfect and ready before final release.

While we are excited for Battleborn, which releases in May by the way, we can’t help but question about the next Borderlands. When asked about Borderlands 3, 2K’s Chris Thomas revealed that the same team that is currently on Battleborn will work on Borderlands 3 as well.

I imagine it would be the same team. Almost every time we’ve worked with Gearbox, they’ve used most of their studio for the games that we’re working on because the games that we put out tend to be huge AAA titles and that’s just generally their Mission Objective. They’re going to throw as many of their good guys as they can at it.

I think Randy Pitchford said that they [Gearbox] were hiring for Borderlands 3, so I’m sure their team’s going to grow as well. So we’ll see exactly what that composition of employees and staff that they have, and what resource breakdown they have, when it comes to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is in early stages of development. Gearbox started hiring staff for it last year and if we are to assume, we may see the game sometime next year.

As for Battleborn, the game will release on consoles and PC on May 3. What are your expectations from the next Borderlands game? Looking for anything in particular?

Source: Prankster 101

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