New WWE Game, Not WWE 2K21, Releasing This Year

WWE 2K20 was a complete disaster on many levels and perhaps the sole reason that publisher 2K Sports has reportedly decided to scrap plans for WWE 2K21.

While discussing the future of the franchise in a new video, Justin Leeper, former writer of the earlier games, stated that “reliable sources” have confirmed the franchise to be taking a year off and hence, the next annual installment has been cancelled. He noted that WWE 2K21 was always “a 50-50 chance” back in December and in January, the game was tagged as “medium speed ahead” and was said to be similar to WWE 2K20. However, a few months forward, 2K Sports has decided to pull the plug and an announcement should be incoming soon.

That being said, there will still be a wrestling game coming later in the year, just not with the well-known 2K moniker. This new WWE game is said to be a non-simulation take and will not be developed by Visual Concepts. Leeper pointed out that he “could say more” about the project but that would only end up angering the publisher. Hence, fans will have to wait for 2K Sports to do the honors and announce just what kind of a wrestling game is in the pipelines for 2020.

Furthermore, Leeper revealed that WWE 2K22 will not be a next-generation release. Visual Concepts will likely use the year-long break to refine the wrestling experience of the franchise but will focus on current-generation platforms only for the next installment.

WWE 2K20 was marked as one of the most broken games released in 2019. The latest installment was slammed by critics for a slew of visual glitches and game-breaking bugs at launch, which naturally kept the developer busy in making countless promises and assurances. To make matters worse, with the start of 2020, WWE 2K20 stopped working worldwide across all platforms. The game was apparently not compliant with the year 2020, which caused it to crash randomly and frequently. Point being that the game was a complete mess. The franchise definitley needed some time off.

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