Where to Find Voidmetal in New World

If you’re having trouble find Voidmetal in New World and are in need of a little help, then we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be showing you the best ways to farm Voidmetal in New World.

Where to Find Voidmetal in New World

When you progress through New World and reach the endgame content, you’ll be needing large quantities of a material named “Voidmetal” in order to craft high-level gear.

Voidmetal will be needed for all kinds of weapons, engineering and arcana recipes. All of these recipes will be level 75 and above, so you’ll also need to farm XP along with your Voidmetal.

What makes farming Voidmetal tricky is the fact that it doesn’t spawn by itself. It has a very minuscule chance of dropping from an Iron One when you’re mining it.

On top of that, your Mining Skill needs to be high enough so you can excavate Tier 3 metals for Voidmetal to even have a chance to drop from the Iron Ores.

Hence, you have to get your skill level to around 50 for you to be able to mine Voidmetal.

Where to Find Iron Ore

Iron Ore isn’t hard to find at all since it spawns all around Aeternum. However, to farm Voidmetal efficiently, you’ll need to find the spots on the map that have the highest concentration of Iron Ore.

Once you’ve found them, you need to plan out a route to farm your Voidmetal.

As Iron Ore refreshes every 20 minutes, this route needs to be long enough so that once you reach the end of the route, Iron Ore at the start is refreshed and ready to be mined again.

Figuring out this route by yourself can be a really difficult task; so luckily for you, the map below shows all of the spots in Aeternum where you’ll find Iron Ore veins. This will help you plan out your Voidemetal mining route much more easily.

iron ore voidmetal New World Locations

Now before you start mining Iron Ore, make sure to equip a Starmetal Miner’s Charm. This will give you the Mining Luck Perk which increases your chances of getting rare materials, like Voidmetal.

You can then also eat a potato dish to further increase your mining luck.

Farming Voidmetal

Though mining Iron Ore is the most straightforward way of farming Voidmetal, there are some more ways of getting this resource.

The first one is through The Tundra and Mountain elements that you encounter in Aeternum. These elements also have a chance of dropping some Voidmetal.

To find Tundra elements, you’ll have to travel to the southwest corner of Reekwater.

And for Mountain elements, they have two different spots where they spawn on the map. The first one is near the western edge of Weaver’s Fen, and the other is right in the middle of Edengrove.

To obtain Voidmetal from these elements, you first have to slay them, then you need to harvest their bodies to get Voidmetal. You can only do this if your Mining Skill is at least level 100.

Another way of getting Voidmetal is by harvesting a Corrupted Orichalcum Spire. It only spawns in very high-level areas, so finding it will be a bit of a tricky task.