How to Complete the Trial of Scrivener in New World

If you want to become a Scrivener and reach higher ranks in the Syndicate Faction in New World, then you need to complete the Trial of Scrivener quest. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the Trial of Scrivener and climb the faction ladder in New World.

How to Complete the Trial of Scrivener in New World

First, the players will have to complete the mission Choose Your Allegiance, which is part of the main story. Here, you will be asked to choose your Faction, so go for Syndicate at this point.

Now, you will be assigned a side story quest called Syndicate Advancement: Scrivener. This task requires you to gain 3000 Reputation to start the trial.

One can increase the Reputation by talking to Laurientus Krockes at Brightwood Hamlet and opening the Faction Board.

Next, complete different Faction Quests until you achieve the target of 3000 Reputation. Once done, return to Laurientus Krockes to start the trial. You need to get to level 24 at least to start this mission, so we recommend starting the trial at level 25.

Now, the players are to find the leftovers of Ghost Malikor, who has been missing. At this point, you need to follow the map to reach the cemetery. Here, you will place a Trace Absorber/Psychokinetic Absorber to the right of a tombstone.

After a while, the Malikor will be called for. Here, you will have to defeat and kill the Malikor, so we recommend you separate the Ghost from others to prevent them from joining the fight.

Now, kill him and return to Krockes with the Absorber. Congratulations, you can now choose the title of Scrivener.

We hope that this guide helps you to complete the mission to get the Scrivener gear collection. So, begin with the trial right away to gain access to exciting rewards.

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