How to Farm Faction Tokens in New World

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Farm Faction Tokens in New World through different PvP and PvE missions found in different areas

New World introduces you to three types of Factions in the game, and by joining these factions you’ll be unlocking different missions both PvE and PvP that reward you with gear, weapons, XP and Gold. In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to Farm Faction Tokens in New World.

How to Farm Faction Tokens in New World

To join a faction, simply follow the Main Story questline till you are asked to speak to each faction’s representative. You are given a choice between the following factions:

  • Marauders: The Noble Warriors are represented by the color Green.
  • Syndicate: The Intelligent Scholars are represented by the color Purple
  • Covenant: The Divine Order are represented by the color Yellow

The ideology and orientation of the faction do not have any sort of gameplay impact except for the lore of the game. As for the faction tokens, it is a sort of currency that you can earn by participating in War and Invasions.

Faction Tokens are used to buy gear from your respective Faction shop. Depending on what Faction you have, the only difference between the gear/weapons of each Faction is purely cosmetic.

In terms of level and power, each shop has the same to offer. So, before you pick a faction, you might want to see what style suits you best in the New World MMO.

You can earn Faction Tokens by participating in PvE and PvP missions that each Faction gives you.

Faction PvE Missions

In order to go for PvE missions, you’re going to want to head to the Faction board and select any of the missions from the row above. Note that however, the reward from PvE missions is less compared to what you would get from PvP missions.

This is because PvE has you risking less, compared to being flagged for death in PvP missions.

Faction PvP Missions

PvP Missions can also be found in the lower row from the Faction Board. Undertaking these missions is the ideal method for farming Faction Tokens quickly.

These missions reward players with a greater amount of Faction tokens and reputation than PvE missions. Bear in mind that these are high-risk missions since stronger PvP players can kill you thus resetting your mission progress.

You might want to party up with a few friends to deter any scavengers willing to feed on you.

What sort of missions should you expect from PvP? Here is a list:

  • Recover Tactical Information
  • Deliver Critical Messages/Items to another Territory
  • Patrol an Area for Opposing Faction members.

Farming Faction Tokens

A build that we recommend you run for your Faction Missions is a Musket with Hustle and Lightweight Armor.

This specific build allows you to run for a longer period of time, and faster compared to any other people looking out to hunt players like you on the battlefield.

You can also dodge-roll almost indefinitely to give you added mobility.

Eastburn Outpost

Level Requirement: 40 (Minimum)

The fastest and most efficient way to farm Faction Tokens is to head to the East Side of Great Cleave. Here, you will find the Eastburn Outpost.

Grab the three PvP missions from here. Considering PvP bonus will be enabled, you’ll also get a great amount of XP alongside Faction Tokens.

The first step is to head North from the Eastburn Outpost to defeat wolves, gather intel, and turn that in. You can also accept the following missions’ types:

  • Collect a Box (it will also send you to collect another box from the same a
  • Cut down Wood from any tree
  • Spend time in an area

Lure any wolves if you find them along the way to kill them within the marked zone, and continue to make your way to the ‘Gather Intel’ objective.

As for the other missions, the objectives can be found close to the Beast cave. Beast cave is just to the north of Eastburn outpost, in the way your path will be littered with the mission’s objectives so you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Convenient right? Once you’re done with all your objectives, simply head back to the Eastburn Outpost and reap your rewards!


Level Requirement: 25 (Minimum)

The second method is to do the same thing but at Brightwood. You can simply grab the quests from here:

  • Kill 4 assigned mobs
  • Collect 2 pieces of intel
  • Stay in one area for 1 minute and 30 seconds

Make your way to the objectives, and complete them as fast as possible. It’s better to do these runs either during the early morning in your respective timezone or run through areas owned by your faction to find allies to protect you along the way.

After completing your objectives, head quickly back to Brightburn to earn XP and Faction Tokens for the run.

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