How to Improve Performance in New World

In this detailed guide, we will explain how to improve the running performance of New World and get the most out of this MMORPG.

New World is Amazon’s new open-world MMO game which has taken the gaming community by storm. The game does not require that much CPU power to run well; however, a decent GPU is recommended for a better experience. In this guide, we will explain how to improve the running performance of New World.

How to Improve Performance in New World

The settings listed below will provide the best FPS performance for New World.

Graphics Settings

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: Native resolution for the best experience. However, if you are playing on a low-end system, you can choose a lower resolution for higher FPS.
  • Field of View (Vertical): 50 is the optimal option. However, it can be changed up according to personal preference.
  • Effects details: Low
  • Lightning details: Low
  • Object details: Low
  • Post processing details: Low
  • Shadows details: Low
  • Terrain details: Low
  • Texture details: Low/Medium/High (depending on your graphics card and available VRAM)
  • Water details: Low
  • Show FPS: On
  • V-Sync: Off
  • Max FPS: Uncapped
  • Player Nameplate Amount: 2-5
  • Cap FPS in Background: On
  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling: On

General Settings

  • Bandwidth Mode: High
  • Enable Analytics Reporting: Off

NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

If your system has a NVIDIA graphics card, make sure that the slider in image settings is set to ‘Performance’. In the 3D Settings tab, choose Program settings and then select New World as your program. Then set CUDA-GPUs to All, Shader Cache to On, and Threaded optimization to On as well. Other than that, turn the other settings Off. These settings will help you gain FPS performance in-game.

Also, make sure to download the latest update of NVIDIA GeForce Experience drivers to get the latest optimizations for New World.

AMD Radeon Settings

If your system has an AMD graphics card, head to the AMD Radeon Software and then head to the gaming tab. Choose the Global graphics tab and from there, choose the eSports profile. This profile will ensure that you will get the best possible performance in New World. Also, download the latest graphics driver for optimizations to the game.

Tips to Increase New World Performance

Disable Xbox Game Bar

To increase New World (and other games) performance, disable the Xbox Game Bar. To do so, press Windows Key + i to open Windows settings. Then head to the Gaming settings and then disable Xbox Game Bar and also disable background recording from the Captures menu.

Game Mode

To turn on Window’s game mode, search for Game Mode in the Windows search bar and select the ‘Game Mode’ setting. From there, turn on Game Mode.

Run at High Priority

To run New World as a high priority, head to the task manager while the game is running and then go to the Details tab. Right-click ‘NewWorld.exe’ and set the priority to high.

Run the game on SSD

Some performance can also be gained by installing the game on SSD, as it will load the textures and other game files much quicker as compared to a Hard disk.

Disable Overlays

While running New World, disable the in-game overlays of Steam and other applications such as discord to increase some performance.

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