New Titanfall 2 Content Includes New Maps, New Live Fire Arenas, Titan

A good amount of new Titanfall 2 content is coming to the game with the next update, and will be including two new maps, two new live fire arenas, and a brand new Titan for players to rampage with when the update hits between now and the end of June.

To start with, we have the two multiplayer maps, known as Glitch and Relic.

Relic was a map from the first Titanfall that took place inside a crashed ship on a jungle planet, so it’s possible that Respawn is bringing that map back to us.

Going by its name, the Glitch map takes place in a simulation, similar to the one that the player character starts in as he learns how to wall-run and shoot.

With one new map and one old one, gamers that played the first Titanfall will likely be at both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The next bit of new Titanfall 2 content are two new maps for the Live Fire game mode, called Traffic and Deck.

Live Fire is a game mode that has the Pilots of each time running around without their Titans, so it’s entirely up to your own first-person shooter skills to see your team to victory.

When it comes to the Titans, we’ll technically be getting three: in addition to the new Titan, we’ll also be getting Prime versions of Ronin and Tone, two of the most-used Titan models. Whatever the third Titan is, hopefully it can stand up to all the others.

There will also be another new game mode, called “Marked For Death”. A holdover from the first Titanfall, Marked for Death has each time trying to defend their own target and kill the target on the opposing side to win.

There will also be more cosmetic things in the new Titanfall 2 content, including more Pilot executions, new skins and camo schemes, and the requisite fixes that come with new updates.