New Super Smash Bros. Title Announced For Nintendo Switch, Coming This Year

Nintendo has kept the best part for the ending in tonight’s Nintendo Direct. With a short but sweet teaser, we finally can expect another huge title for the Nintendo Switch, knowing that a new Super Smash Bros. is coming this year.

So it went down like this: Yoshiaki Koizumi thanked everyone who watched the Nintendo Direct tonight and revealed that he has one more surprise for us. Then a trailer starts and Splatoon Inklinks are shown on screen and that’s where fans may have lost hope. After all, we’ve seen a great deal of Splatoon 2 action before the end of the show. However, the scene changes and Mario and Link come into play and that’s where it hits us… Super Smash Bros.

There were rumors about a new Super Smash Bros. title for quite a long time and we expected that, or news about Nintendo Switch Online Service or a new Pokemon title to get revealed eventually. If you look closely into the teaser video, you’ll be able to recognize some other Super Smash Bros. characters such as Samus Aran.

With the addition of Super Smash Bros, Nintendo has a set list of multiple genre titles in its library. With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being the action-adventure experience we wanted, Super Mario Oddysey a super intriguing “platformer”, Mario Kart 8 the console’s main racing game, Splatoon its go-to online multiplayer game and Mario Tennis Aces focusing on the sports genre, Super Smash Bros is just what is missing.

Until Super Smash Bros gets released though, sit back and enjoy some cool Super Smash Bros heroes making their way to Nintendo Switch with their own titles. Kirby Star Allies is coming to the console on March 16th and Mega Man 11 later this year. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will also get released on Nintendo Switch on May 22.

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